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IM Academy was started in 2013 as a little start-up by independent business owners and Forex professionals Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre. Their objective was to develop a user-friendly online learning environment for Forex Trading using a revenue strategy that relied on subscriptions. The platform’s goal was to provide entertaining and simply accessible training to Forex enthusiasts so they could learn strategies for their own trading. Over the years, IM has grown into a substantial business with about 225,000 active members who learn the educational programs and products.

The corporate structure of IM Academy now consists of a variety of subsidiary businesses in a number of its overseas markets. Legal corporations are only registered in jurisdictions where doing so is required by regulation or is otherwise permitted.

Academy-style educational modules make up the bulk of the selection. These academies have four separate training programs available on their websites, which new users can easily attend after being suggested by an IBO or an existing user.

Each video module includes a selection of educational videos as well as an unlimited number of interactive goLive sessions where students may apply the ideas they have learned to actual situations. Each GoLive session is given in 13 languages on numerous days and at various times throughout these interactive goLive events, allowing students to engage with IM Educators.

Students have the opportunity to interact with the IM Educator and ask questions about the specific subjects covered in the module during each hour-long goLive session. Students have access to a collection of pre-recorded video courses for each academy. All of IM’s prerecorded content is accessible to students through the academy app for mobile devices.

Because IM Academy enjoys being always inventive, employees have always been able to work from home. By spending less money on brick and mortar expenses, the organization is able to concentrate on hiring top-tier people without regard to location and give its full attention to its educational mission. Because of its corporate architecture, IM Academy was able to position itself such that it could keep operating successfully and without interruption despite the emergency measures demanded by the Covid 19 pandemic.

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