Alejandro Pena, Keter CEO, Keeps the Brand True to the Community Through Sustainability

Keter, the world’s second-largest furniture maker, is a family-owned enterprise operating for seven generations. Alejandro Pena, the CEO of Keter, had been grappling with the challenges of globalization. The company produced goods in China and Brazil but needed more competitiveness in markets such as Germany and France.

  1. Looks to an Innovative, Sustainable Future

Nowadays, Keter is one of the world’s largest furniture providers, but only a decade ago, it was a small-scale Chinese producer. Alejandro Pena says that they have been making meaningful progress in their business.

  1. Look for Eco-Friendly Resins

Pena believes that the most pressing issue for the company is bringing down production costs. Furniture prices are being driven down due to industry overcapacity and Chinese manufacturers taking over European markets. To survive, Pena has been looking towards innovative solutions, such as eco-friendly resins made out of corn or sugarcane.

  1. Why Sustainability Is Good for Business and Employee Morale

Pena believes that sustainability is the company’s greatest asset and tries to live by this belief. He has committed to using sustainable materials when producing furniture and puts his staff first in all decisions.

  1. Fight for the Environment

While Keter has committed to eco-friendly furniture, it also rationalizes production costs and improves employee relations. Alejandro Pena, CFO Pasquale Iannone, and their staff have their sights set on making it a sustainable company—for the Environment and business.


“I believe that we can make it a sustainable company for the Environment and business. The next over 10 years will bring important changes in the furniture industry and we need to prepare ourselves for these by taking advantage of new technologies and strategic models.”

“A Keter, as a brand, is not just about good design or well-made products, but values. It is more than just a material; it represents unique design ideas, style, and value.