Alliance Defending Freedom: A Force Defending the Sanctity of Life


The Alliance Defending Freedom was created in 1994 as Alliance Defense Fund, by people from the Christian Community who would be considered leaders. The clientele of the alliance consists of Christians, but that is not the only criteria for the alliance to provide representation. The organization believes that religious freedom applies to all religions, not just Christianity.

Alliance Defending Freedom is also a force on college campuses defending the rights of students to free speech in multiple forms. No matter the viewpoint, the alliance promotes the rights of students to voice their opinions without interference from college authorities.

The work of the Alliance Defending Freedom is not restricted to the United States. In the International arena, they support the rights of religious minorities whether Christian, Muslim, or other groups. The work is to prevent genocide which is the killing of religious minorities by dominant forces in various countries.

One of the main areas the organization concentrates its work on comes under the name of Sanctity of Life. Normally, this is thought to involve protecting the unborn child. However, it also can involve legal efforts on the other end of life.

An example on the alliance’s website tells the story of a veteran of the Gulf War. He was involved in a very serious automobile accident. While in a coma, his physicians allowed his estranged wife to direct removal of his feeding tube and access to water. The Alliance Defending Freedom intervened representing the sister of the veteran.

Food and water were put back in place. The veteran regained consciousness soon thereafter. He eventually went to a rehabilitation facility. Five months later he left walking without any assistance.

On key issues of importance to the alliance, they will be found advocating before the United States Supreme Court. This is part of their dedication to religious freedom, free speech, and other fundamental rights.

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