Alliance Defending Freedom: Upholding Liberty And Defending Constitutional Rights


This article recaps the vital work and mission of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which protects religious freedom, free speech, and other constitutional rights. ADF’s commitment to defending liberty and advocating for legal change has significantly impacted various aspects of society.

Championing Religious Freedom

Alliance Defending Freedom is at the forefront of championing religious freedom. Through strategic litigation, advocacy, and public engagement, the organization safeguards the rights of individuals and religious organizations to freely exercise their beliefs, ensuring that religious liberty is protected and respected.

Advocacy for Free Speech

ADF is a staunch advocate for free speech, recognizing its essential role in preserving a vibrant democracy. The organization defends individuals and organizations facing censorship or threats to their free expression, striving to ensure that diverse viewpoints and ideas can be expressed without fear of suppression.

Protecting Life and Family Values

Alliance Defending Freedom stands firm in its commitment to protecting life and advocating for strong family values. The organization works to uphold pro-life policies, defend parental rights, and safeguards marriage’s sanctity, covering the foundational building blocks of society.

Defending Students’ Rights

ADF is actively defending students’ rights on campuses nationwide. Through its Center for Academic Freedom, ADF advocates for free speech rights, religious freedom, and equal treatment for students facing discrimination or censorship due to their beliefs or expressions.

Commitment to Collaboration and Education

ADF values collaboration and actively partners with like-minded organizations to advance its mission. The organization also emphasizes education by providing resources, training, and legal advice to individuals, churches, and nonprofits, equipping them to stand for their rights and freedoms.


Alliance Defending Freedom’s unwavering commitment to upholding liberty, defending constitutional rights, and advocating for legal change has made a significant positive impact. Through its work in protecting religious freedom, championing free speech, and supporting life and family values, ADF contributes to preserving fundamental rights and principles that form the bedrock of a free and just society. Follow this page on Twitter, to learn more.


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