A Broken Covenant: Scott Berkowitz, RAINN, and the Crisis of Unpunished Evil

Scott Berkowitz, the President of RAINN, has confronted us with an unsettling fact: We have an identification surplus but a justice deficit when it comes to child sexual abuse. The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, America’s most extensive anti-sexual violence organization, has shined a light on a disconcerting reality—the gap between identifying child abusers and actually bringing them to justice is vast.

This isn’t just a legal issue; it’s a civilizational failure, a sign of a broken covenant between a society and its most vulnerable members. Justice isn’t merely a matter of retribution; it’s a moral contract that safeguards the innocent and punishes the wicked. When that contract is broken, it’s not just a flaw in the system but an erosion of the social fabric.

RAINN’s efforts, whether it’s their advocacy, education, or support, highlight a broader problem we must address. But the issue goes beyond this one organization’s endeavors. We have to look at our cultural, judicial, and even technological infrastructure that allows such abhorrent acts to go unpunished.

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It’s convenient to point fingers at institutional failings, but it’s more unsettling to realize that institutions are made of people. The bureaucracy that fails to act, the legal system that drops the ball, the society that turns a blind eye—are all human constructs. This isn’t just a failure of systems; it’s a failure of wills.

Moreover, this problem should challenge our comfortable dichotomies between liberalism and conservatism. Liberal dreams of procedural justice are crashing against the rocky shores of reality, while conservative notions of moral order seem impotent in the face of this insidious evil.

We live in an age of deep political division, but if there’s one thing that should unify us, it’s our commitment to protect those unable to protect themselves. This should be the cause that cuts across party lines, that transcends ideological rifts. We must bring justice back into balance, back into the forefront of our cultural priorities. To do any less is to concede that we’ve not only failed our children but also failed ourselves as a civilization.

Get To Know Scott Berkowitz And His Contributions To Ending Sexual Violence

Scott Berkowitz founded the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN) in 1994 and became its president. Through the organization, he has helped deal with sexual violence and supported numerous survivors globally.

As the most prominent United States anti-sexual violence organization, RAINN has assisted over four million individuals since its foundation. It operated the 24/7 National Sexual Assault Hotline- 800.656.HOPE. They also have a chat platform (online.rainn.org), the first secure and anonymous web hotline service.

Scott Berkowitz has overseen the organization’s operations for decades. He has been among the key players in the national effort to develop and pass new laws to help sexual violence survivors, fight crime, and promote better rape responses from the criminal justice system.

His efforts have helped implement numerous laws to prevent rape and ensure justice for victims. He has also helped the organization develop and operate 40 hotlines serving sexual assault survivors globally.

He has also implemented programs that help with sexual violence education, training, awareness, and consulting services. For that, RAINN has partnered with reputable brands like Uber, McDonald’s, and Royal Caribbean.

Scott Berkowitz says he got the idea to found RAINN from a friend who worked at a local service provider. She talked about a big service gap and how practical and helpful a national hotline would be.

He was young and inexperienced then, but he dedicated his time to learning more about the issue. He also met with many survivors, encouraging him even more to start the organization.

He says it is essential for them to constantly adapt new solutions to ensure they serve all their clients. Therefore, they heavily rely on public education whenever they want to implement new ideas.

With so much responsibility, Berkowitz says he splits his days across the organization’s four missions. That way, he can accomplish things in all areas, including media interviews, working with potential or existing donors, legislation and lobbying, and responding to sexual violence or misconduct.

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