The Keystroke: Jason Hope

 Starting Off: Jason Hope


Technology has come quite a long way in a short length of time. Could kids today imagine a world without the internet in it? This is the reality that kids and adults face. This is also prevalent to the business world (Imdb). 


One of the ways that businesses can do their best to keep up with the changing times is to post on social media sites like the worldwide known Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. One person who knows about things like this is entrepreneur Jason Hope. He is offering some tips on how to use social media to a business’ advantage. 


 A Couple of Ways: Jason Hope


 One of the things that social media can do for a future business is to help it grow. Yes a personalized website may be nice for some businesses, but social media can have an instant impact on the reach of the new company and what it can offer users. 

The Keystroke: Jason Hope

It is a good way to get word of mouth to people in a new and inventive way. Sites that provide a gaming experience can benefit as well. A new site can offer a snippet of a game and have users look at it. Jason Hope explains how they can decide what is good and bad about a game and help the company make it better down the road. It is a way to get instant feedback.


 Wrap Up: Jason Hope


 A final aspect is the use of mobile devices like cell phones and tablets. People are on the move and want to take things with them. Using technology like this can be very beneficial to this sort of consumer base. Jason Hope thinks that using these new formats to reach customers can go a long way to helping new businesses grow. It is all a click away.