Real Estate Expert Greg Aziz

Gregory James Aziz better known as Greg Aziz happens to be the president and the CEO of SumZero; he became an ark of patience and vision that are long-term. He has tirelessly documented his experiences and transitiveness into parenthood.


Having been born in the engineering world, their passion for creativity and innovation took root in the garage of their home. His dedication and determination as a real estate expert led him to push the boundaries and formulate provocative designs that helped him earn recognition in the field of engineering. Greg Aziz holds an outstanding professional career. 


After getting retired from his prosperous career, his spirit of inventiveness led him to uncover new ventures in day trading. Armed with a prowess analytical refined from his days of engineering, Greg Aziz managed to climb at a faster rate, climbing the ladder of prosperity and collecting to defy all the odds.

Business Leader Greg Aziz

The life of Aziz is a season that helps in balancing the pursuits of personal and professional. His unwavering heart has always been held by his family. Being a doting father, he has always ensured that his two children were brought up in a great environment full of care, love, and a learning process. Despite these children leaving the nest, the role of Greg Aziz´s father remains pivotal in his identity.


In conclusion, Greg Aziz can be termed as a Man of a unique Character, continuous passion, and relevant experience. His journey of life has helped in painting a narrative that is compelling and has showcased a man who has curiosity, which is insatiable, and an unwavering passion for his commitment. It becomes perfect that the story of Aziz can be termed to be far from far.


Bryan Legends Macro Business Strategies

Bryan Legend is a world-renowned economist who has made significant contributions to macroeconomics. Legend has risen to prominence with his ability to predict market trends and economic growth. In this blog, we will recap Legend’s macro business strategies and their significant role in Australia’s economic growth.

Bryan’s journey started with his study of economics in university, where he learned the critical importance of macroeconomics in understanding an economy. Legend’s theories on economics were unconventional and quite unorthodox, but that did not stop him from making groundbreaking discoveries. Legend predicted the market trends well before they occurred and used the knowledge to make profitable investments.

Legend’s success in the Australian economy can be traced back to his work in the mining industry. During his study of economics, he realized the potential of mineral deposits and the impact they could have on the country’s economy. Legend’s first strategy was to invest heavily in mining projects, which ultimately proved successful, boosting the economy and creating job opportunities for the local population.


Bryan Legend’s final strategy was centered on investing in renewable energy and the green economy. Recently, there has been an increased focus on climate change and reducing carbon emissions. Legend saw this as an opportunity to invest in new, sustainable technologies and create jobs in this emerging field. As a result, Australia has become a leader in renewable energy production, which has helped to reduce the country’s dependence on fossil fuels and mitigate the effects of climate change.

In conclusion, Bryan Legend’s macro business strategies have significantly impacted the economic growth. Legend’s ability to predict market trends and capitalize on them has seen Australia emerge as a leading economy globally, especially in mining, the service industry, and renewable energy.

The Behind the Success of Stephen Bird

Stephen Bird is the current Chief Executive Officer of the prestigious abrdn as of September 2020. The company is based in London, United Kingdom. Stephen has been able to steer the company into success by overseeing the delivery of excellent customer and client value.

In addition, he has been able to promote the generation of high-quality earnings and revenue that promotes the expansion and growth of abrdn in an otherwise competitive and complex financial market. Consequently, abrdn has noted significant growth and stability in Latin American and Asian markets.

Stephen’s success in abrdn stems from his numerous leadership roles at abrdn. The business executive was the Chief Execute Officer at Citigroup from 2015 to 2019. Stephen Bird built his prowess and skill at management at Citigroup by handling commercial and consumer banking enterprises in more than 19 countries worldwide. He supported businesses ranging from mortgages to technology, operations, wealth management, retail banking, and technology.

Before being the CEO of Global Consumer Banking, Stephen Bird was fortunate to work as the Chief Executive for the company’s Asia Pacific business channel. Stephen handled more than 17 countries in Asia, including China and India. Since joining Citigroup over two decades ago, Stephen has held numerous leadership roles, including technology, operations, and banking for Latin American and Asia businesses.

Stephen started working for GE Capital as the director of United Kingdom operations for two years. The business executive graduated from the University College Cardiff with a Master’s in Business Administration in Economics and Finance. Moreover, he was an Honorary Fellow at the same university.

Stephen Bird is an active member of the Confederation of British Industry’s President’s Committee, the Financial Services Growth and Development Board, and the Investment Association Board of Directors. He has skills in leadership, economics, business transformation and finance.

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Edgard Corona-The Leader in Fitness Centers in Brazil

Edgard Corona is the owner of Smart Fit, or as it is known in his native language of Brazil, dono da Smart Fit. He is the subject of an article in Professional Tales that is written in Portuguese, the language of Brazil, or Brasil as spelled in Portuguese. This article will cover the highlights of the article as translated in English.

Smart Fit is what is called a fitness center in the United States. Corona had worked in several industries but the idea to start this venture followed a skiing injury which required physical therapy. All that has led to the creation of one of largest fitness chains not only in Brazil but in Latin America.

Edgard Corona developed a plan for this enterprise that allowed people with limited time to work out become customers. He showed the public that fitness did not have to be all consuming. He has taken that philosophy to Mexico, Chile, and Peru among other countries.

Now when people in Brazil hear the word “fitness”, they think Edgard Corona. He has built a business model that transcends the workout industry. Corona uses the word “curve” to describe how businesses function. That means it is just not a straight line to success. The enterprise has its ups and downs. Some of that is related to the general economy, and other curves are just a natural part of business. He has stayed with his business model, and it has proven to be a winning formula.

Edgard Corona is a believer in what he calls group work. That means that all employees are involved in the business, It is not a case of one superior handing out orders. Everyone has a part of the company’s strategy. Corona has made limited workout time a success in Brazil through this continuous adjusting to meet the market.

Unveiling Business Insights: The Visionary Journey of High Profile CEO Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is a prominent and highly regarded CEO known for his exceptional business insights. As the co-founder of the multinational conglomerate QI Group, his innovative strategies and unique leadership style have propelled him to great heights of success. From the extraordinary career of Vijay Eswaran, entrepreneurs explore the personal business insights that have guided his successful journey.

  1. Embracing Gender Equality

By fostering an inclusive work environment, Eswaran promotes fairness and unlocks the untapped potential of diverse perspectives. Embracing gender equality has been a cornerstone of Eswaran’s business philosophy, enabling his organization to harness the full range of talent and creativity.

  1. The Sphere of Silence

Vijay Eswaran’s innovative “Sphere of Silence” concept offers a transformative approach to productivity and mindfulness. By dedicating time to silence and introspection daily, Eswaran has harnessed the power of focused reflection to enhance his decision-making.

  1. Taming the Ego

Vijay Eswaran’s emphasis on taming the ego highlights the crucial role of humility and open-mindedness in driving personal and professional growth. By recognizing the limitations of the ego and embracing a mindset of continuous learning, Eswaran fosters an environment conducive to innovation.

  1. The Business Case for Diversity

By championing diversity and inclusivity, he fosters an environment where different perspectives thrive, fueling innovation and driving performance. Eswaran knows diverse teams contribute knowledge, skills, and experiences that improve decision-making and problem-solving.

  1. Relieving Stress During High-Pressure Moments

Drawing from his extensive experience as a seasoned CEO, Vijay Eswaran offers valuable insights on managing stress during high-pressure moments. Eswaran emphasizes the importance of maintaining composure, finding balance, and prioritizing personal well-being amidst demanding circumstances.

By sharing his business insights, Eswaran empowers aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders to embrace inclusive practices, cultivate mindfulness, and prioritize their well-being. Vijay Eswaran’s remarkable legacy inspires future generations, highlighting the transformative power of visionary leadership in achieving sustainable business success.

Reinventing Tradition: Hassan Jameel’s Visionary Leadership and Empowering Initiatives

With his digitalization initiatives and purpose-driven leadership, Hassan Jameel, a well-known name in the business, has been at the vanguard of transforming Abdul Latif Jameel Motors (ALJ). His contributions to ALJ’s transformation and commitment to empowering women in the automotive sector are examined through two pivotal posts in this essay.

  1. Reinventing a 75-Year-Old Start-Up with Digitization Strategies:

Hassan Jameel’s idea of digitalization tactics for ALJ is investigated in a piece broadcast on ABC Money. He has led projects to improve business operations and customer experience because he recognizes the value of embracing technology. He wants to improve operations, improve customer engagement, and establish ALJ as a leader in the rapidly changing automotive industry by utilizing digital tools and platforms.

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  1. “Steering with Purpose”:

The Boss Magazine praises Hassan Jameel’s inspirational leadership and goal-oriented strategy for guiding ALJ. He places a strong emphasis on ethical behavior and environmentally friendly business methods. His dedication to environmental sustainability and neighborhood improvement is demonstrated through ALJ’s programs that promote environmental protection, healthcare, and healthcare.

  1. Empowering Women in the Automotive Industry:

An article in Tech Times discusses Abdul Latif Jameel Motors’ rally event, “Rally Jameel,” which aims to empower women in Saudi Arabia’s automotive sector. This innovative project, backed by Hassan Jameel, gives women a stage to display their driving prowess and love of motorsports. Jameel is advancing the narrative of gender equality and empowerment in a predominately male sector by encouraging inclusivity and dismantling barriers.

  1. Saudi Arabia’s First Women-Only Motor Event:

Enterprise News Ledger emphasizes ALJ’s creation of Saudi Arabia’s first automotive event for women only, which aligns with the nation’s forward-thinking philosophy of women’s emancipation. Hassan Jameel’s event sponsorship encourages diversity while providing a welcoming environment for women to explore their potential in the automotive sector.

  1. Achievements in 2021:

The Finchannel has a piece on Community Jameel that highlights ALJ’s successes under Hassan Jameel’s direction. Launching programs to foster innovation, business, and education are among these successes, positively affecting Saudi Arabian citizens and communities.

Abdul Latif Jameel Motors is now at the forefront of innovation and social impact thanks to Hassan Jameel’s inspirational leadership and commitment. He is changing the perception of ALJ and bringing about good change through digitization, purpose-driven strategy, and initiatives to empower women in the automotive industry. Hassan Jameel lays the foundation for ALJ’s continuing success and advancing Saudi Arabia’s economic environment, emphasizing embracing technology, sustainability, and diversity.

Dennis Durkin: From Scholar-Athlete to Successful Business Leader

Dennis Durkin is a well-known business executive and a former athlete who has made significant contributions to the sports and entertainment industry. He is currently the Chief Financial Officer of Activision Blizzard, a leading video game company.

Durkin’s professional career started in 1993 when he earned his MBA from Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business. After graduation, he worked as an investment banker for several years before joining Microsoft Corporation in 1997. During his tenure at Microsoft, Durkin served as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of the company’s Interactive Entertainment Business, which included Xbox. He played a crucial role in developing and launching Kinect, a popular motion-sensing controller for the Xbox gaming system.

In 2012, Durkin returned to his alma mater, Dartmouth College, as the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. He oversaw the college’s financial operations and helped lead fundraising efforts that resulted in several successful capital campaigns.

In 2019, Durkin rejoined Activision Blizzard as the Chief Financial Officer. He is responsible for the company’s financial operations and has played a key role in the company’s growth and success. Durkin was instrumental in securing a $15 million cash bonus for himself upon his return to Activision, which raised some eyebrows at the time. More information

Recently, Dennis Durkin was appointed to the Board of Directors of On, a leading sports equipment company. He is recognized for his business acumen, strategic vision, and leadership skills.

Outside of his professional career, Durkin was a standout football player at Dartmouth. He was a four-year letter winner and earned All-Ivy League honors twice. Durkin was also a two-time Academic All-American and was awarded the Nils V. “Swede” Nelson Award, given to the top scholar-athlete in the Ivy League.

Dennis Durkin is a respected business leader with a successful career in the sports and entertainment industry. He is known for his financial expertise, strategic vision, and leadership skills. He has significantly contributed to the companies he has worked for. Durkin’s background as a scholar-athlete at Dartmouth has also helped shape his approach to leadership and decision-making.

Driven and Bold – The Journey for Don Manifold

Don Manifold wears many hats as a successful businessman. He specializes in divestment’s, acquisitions, and mergers. In addition to this, he founded his own company, and he serves as a director. The journey to the top was not easy. Discover what fueled Don Manifold on his quest.

Educational Background

For Manifold, the foundation of his success was a solid education. In 1987, Manifold attended Flinders University. He studied there and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1991. Later, Manifold attended the Australian Graduate School of Management. During his time here, he honed his skills and graduated with an MBA.

Experience in the Business World

When Manifold was still attending Flinders University, he pursued many job opportunities. His business journey began in Adelaide. Then, the search expanded to other major cities like Sydney, London, and Melbourne. These experiences made Manifold sharper and wiser. He still wanted new challenges, so he returned to Adelaide and landed a job at KPMG. Manifold’s primary area of expertise is transactions. He has advised many individuals throughout his career. His feedback has been quite beneficial to businesses in Papa New Guinea, England, Croatia, and Australia.

Don Manifold – His Current Role

Equity & Advisory is one of the leading firms in South Australia. Don Manifold is the Joint Managing Director of this firm. When he is not serving as a director, he creates effective business strategies for various companies. Manifold is not a normal employee who shares his advice. He always provides his advice from a Board level.

For more to know click@Professional Spotlight: Don Manifold of Manifold Advisory Partners

Mo Katibeh Explains How Tech Plays a Role in His Career

Mo Katibeh’s Affinity for Technology and Innovation Continues to Drive a Remarkable Career

Mo Katibeh, a technology executive, has been featured in the CEO Spotlight for his outstanding contributions to the industry. His innovative ideas and leadership have driven success for various companies he has worked for.

Katibeh has a diverse background in technology, having worked in telecommunications, software development, and healthcare. He has held high positions in companies such as AT&T, Sprint, and IBM, where he has spearheaded digital transformations, launched new products, and delivered significant business growth.

Katibeh’s expertise in innovation and technology has been evident throughout his career. He has worked on cutting-edge projects, such as developing 5G networks, which have revolutionized technology use. He has also been instrumental in launching various products and services, such as mobile payments and connected cars.

Mo Katibeh is passionate about creating a positive impact through technology. One of his beliefs is that technology should be used to enhance people’s lives and solve real-world problems. His commitment to this has seen him support various charitable initiatives that use technology to improve people’s lives.

One key trait that has contributed to Katibeh’s success is his ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues and stakeholders. He firmly believes in teamwork and recognizes the importance of bringing people with diverse skills and perspectives together to achieve common goals.

Katibeh’s achievements have not gone unnoticed. Over time has received a number of industry awards and recognition for his contributions to the technology field. He has also been featured in various well-known e-publications, including Forbes and The Wall Street Journal.

Mo Katibeh is a trailblazer in the technology industry whose affinity for innovation and technology has driven a remarkable career. His ability to collaborate effectively, passion for creating a positive impact, and expertise in cutting-edge technologies have driven business growth and success.

The Importance of Creativity in Business – Lessons from Bhanu Choudhrie

In today’s fast-paced business environment, leaders must have an edge to stand out. While technical knowledge and expertise are crucial, creativity is a crucial tool that separates successful entrepreneurs from the rest. The power of creativity in driving innovation, creating new business opportunities, and increasing profits cannot be overstated. Bhanu Choudhrie, the founder of Alpha Aviation Group, understands creativity’s crucial role in business and shares some insights in this article.

Innovation is Essential for Business Success

Creative thinking drives innovation, and innovation is a prerequisite for business survival in today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving marketplaces. Companies that don’t innovate fall behind their competitors, lose market share, and eventually go out of business. Creative entrepreneurs and companies are always seeking innovative ways to improve their products, customer service, and business models. This proactive approach helps entrepreneurs stay ahead of their competitors while also creating new revenue streams.

Bhanu Choudhrie has an impressive record of identifying trends in emerging markets and developing strategies to address new business opportunities. He founded C&C Alpha Group, a private equity firm that looks for emerging businesses with high-growth potential. Bhanu Choudhrie’s ability to identify new markets, invest in innovative ideas, and successfully bring them to market is a testament to the power of creativity in business.

Creativity Increases Profits

Creative entrepreneurs have an outsized impact on the economy. A 2018 report by Adobe Creative Cloud found that companies that foster creativity enjoy improved profits, revenue growth, and increased market share. The report examined the creative practices of companies in various industries and found that creative businesses outperformed less creative ones by a wide margin. Bhanu Choudhrie has been instrumental in driving the growth of his businesses. He has invested in industries as diverse as aviation, hospitality, and healthcare, always using his creative abilities to identify growth opportunities. Thanks to his broad view, he has enjoyed notable success, building his business into a diversified, internationally recognized corporation.

Creativity Promotes Problem-Solving

The ability to think creatively is essential to finding practical solutions to emerging business problems. Creative businesspeople think outside the box, identifying novel solutions to the problems they face. They are not afraid to take risks and experiment with new ideas, even if they don’t work out every time. This approach helps entrepreneurs stay agile in a rapidly changing business environment.

They can see that creativity is essential in business, driving innovation, promoting problem-solving, enhancing products and services, and increasing profits. At Alpha Aviation Group Bhanu Choudhrie is a testament to the power of creative thinking in driving business growth, and his entrepreneurial vision inspires all businesspeople looking to cultivate their creativity. Business leaders must nurture their creative thinking abilities by staying curious, experimenting with new ideas, and thinking outside the box.