Margie Hauser Musical Career

Margie Hauser

For artist to get international breakthrough, they have to deliver what the fans want to hear. Margie Hauser used three secretes in her songwriting process. She knew that a powerful melody, great hook, and compelling bridge would get people’s attention for her songs to be successful. In 2008, Margie Hauser published a total of 18 songs, implying that hard work and persistence are crucial when doing something. Below are the tips she used to be successful.


Just like how Margie Hauser worked together with Tiffany, it directly implies that great minds need each other, and teamwork is essential in any successful journey.

Analyze and stay relevant to your target audience

According to Margie Hauser, the market business is very competitive, and only the strong survive. It is by production of relevant music that has put her on the market since 2008.


Having a passion for what you are doing and believing in yourself is the foundation of confidence in human beings.

Be updated on the trends

After her success, she was aware that new artists were emerging from different parts of the world. She worked with the upcoming artists and they later produced international music. New artist had new voices and ideas, that’s why she chose to work with them.

Respect your family

According to our case, family is the foundation of success. She says that her family is the biggest inspiration in her music success. In addition, the statement shows that we should never forget where we came from as human beings. Let us learn to appreciate people who helped us to be in the positions we are in life.


Hard work and determination are the keys to success. Value your clients and be versatile. Make sure you have strategies to market your products and a target audience for the products.