Greg Blatt Explains How Modern CEOs Should Handle Politics


The current CEO needs to be more than just a leader. They need to be a savvy navigator of the political landscape of the office. This is especially true in today’s climate, which has seen an explosion in corporate activism. Companies are being held to higher levels of accountability and transparency by their stakeholders, who are increasingly vocal about the companies they support and the practices they employ.

In “The Modern CEO Needs to Know How to Manage Politics in the Office. Greg Blatt Has Some Thoughts” by CEO World Magazine, Greg Blatt discusses the importance of the CEO’s understanding and managing office politics. He states that with the ever-changing political landscape, it’s more important than ever for CEOs to be up-to-date and informed on political issues. He goes on to say that CEOs need to be able to manage office politics to maintain a productive and positive work environment.

Greg Blatt, former CEO of InterActivCorp and former General Counsel for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc., is well-versed in navigating these waters. During his time at InterActivCorp, Blatt worked to create trust with shareholders while simultaneously growing the company’s presence and expanding its portfolio. Blatt negotiated deftly between various interests and positions from inside and outside his organization, bringing together parties that may have otherwise been at odds.

According to Greg Blatt, CEOs must be mindful of the cultural dynamics within their own offices. With different views on politics often being held among colleagues, it can be difficult for CEOs to lead meetings or give direction without offending someone or inadvertently taking sides on partisan matters.

To avoid such a situation, Blatt would emphasize specific core values that could serve as common ground; mutual respect and transparency should remain constant regardless of political leanings in any given office situation.

Greg Blatt was one of the most prominent and influential figures in the online dating industry. Throughout his career, he held various top executive roles in IAC and Match Group from 2010 until 2017. Greg began his journey at IAC as the Executive Vice President and General Counsel before becoming CEO of the company’s Match segment.

In December 2010, he took on a role as IAC CEO, which lasted three years until 2013, after which he became the Executive Chairman of Match Group and, later on, Tinder. His tenure as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Match Group ran from 2016 to 2017, while he served as CEO of Tinder during that same period.

Before joining IAC, Blatt worked at two highly acclaimed New York law firms: Grubman Indursky and Schindler and Wachtell Lipton Rosen and Katz. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Colgate University and a J.D. from Columbia Law School. His extensive experience has given him an exceptional understanding of legal issues and business acumen, enabling him to rise to the highest positions in corporate America. Visit this page on LinkedIn, for more information.


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Greg Blatt Shares His Views on How Modern CEOs Should Handle Office Politics

Greg Blatt, general counsel for the American holding company InterActivCorp (IAC), is a successful business leader who has held executive positions at some of the most prestigious companies, such as Match Group, Tinder, and IAC. But it’s not just his impressive career that makes him a trailblazing professional; it’s also his ability to navigate political conversations in the office.

Greg is an excellent example of the way that expert leadership can help to drive the success of a business. Throughout his impressive career history, Greg Blatt has been successful in the creation of marketing strategies that have driven the brands he has involved himself in.

The key to navigating politics in the office is to know when and where it is appropriate to discuss political issues. While it can be tempting to bring up topics such as current events or hot-button issues during a lunch break or while chatting with a colleague before clocking in, this can lead to heated debates or hurt feelings that can adversely affect working relationships. Instead, executives should discuss topics away from work.

According to Greg Blatt, a productive way to discuss political issues without compromising productivity is by hosting an “open discussion.” This allows colleagues interested in engaging in political conversations a safe space outside of the office where they can engage without fear of repercussions from their higher-ups or co-workers who may not share their views. This also encourages open dialogue between colleagues and promotes understanding and respect between individuals with different perspectives.

Another way modern CEOs can manage politics in the workplace is by educating themselves on important topics and engaging others through a respectful debate on those topics when necessary. In addition to becoming more informed on certain topics, this will help CEOs build stronger relationships with their co-workers by showing them that they are willing to listen before speaking out against something they may disagree with—a trait highly valued by professionals everywhere.

There are ways for professionals like Greg Blatt to navigate political conversations without disrupting productivity or damaging relationships at work. Through open discussions outside of office hours, educating themselves on important topics, and engaging others through a respectful debate, when necessary, modern CEOs can successfully manage political conversations within their organizations while promoting understanding and respect between colleagues with different perspectives.

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 Greg Blatt, A Renowned American Businessman


Gregory Wayne Blatt is an American businessman. He has served as Chairman of the Board and IAC/InterActiveCorp since 2004. In 2001, he founded Blatt & Thompson Capital Management and served as its Chief Investment Officer until joining IAC. Since 2000, he has been a Managing Member at Matrix Partners.

He served as a Director of Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc. from 2000 to 2004 and its Lead Independent Director from 2002 to 2004.

Greg Blatt earned a B.A. degree in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Redlands in 1974 and an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA in 1980. He is also a CFA charter holder. Education: Blatt received his B.A. Magna Cum Laude at the University of Redlands (C.A.) in 1974 with a major in mathematics and economics, and his M.B.




Greg is a Managing Member at Matrix Partners, served as Chief Investment Officer of Blatt & Thompson Capital Management since its inception in 2001 until joining IAC/InterActiveCorp. Since 2000, Blatt has served as Managing Member of Matrix Partners.

Greg Blatt is also the founder of SportsTicker LLC, which CNN/Time Warner acquired in 1997. He has also held senior management positions at such companies as Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc., Roto Source (NASDAQ: ROTO), and CNN/Sports Illustrated. He is also an adjunct professor at the Anderson School of Management, UCLA.

Blatt serves on the board of directors of The Walt Disney Company, Time Warner Inc., Discovery Communications, and The New York Times Company. Blatt has also served on the board of directors of Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc. from 2000 to 2003 and has performed at various other companies.

Blatt made his first million in 1983 by trading options. He is a CFA and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. He earned his degree from the Anderson School at UCLA and was a member of the UCLA Math Society, The University of Redlands Math Club, and Phi Mu Alpha fraternity. Refer to this page on LinkedIn, for additional information.


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Greg Blatt


Greg Blatt has received numerous awards, including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Decade, and several other honors. He is listed in “Forbes” magazine’s “World’s Greatest Leaders” list and was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2017.

Greg Blatt was born in New York City and raised in Rockaway Beach, New York, to an Italian father and Russian Jewish mother. His father worked as a real estate broker with an office on Wall Street. He attended public school (New York City public school system) and private school (St. Bernard’s School). He graduated from St. Bernard’s School in 1987, where he was student body president and a lacrosse team member. Blatt received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard College, where he majored in economics and played lacrosse.

After college, Blatt moved to Silicon Valley to work for McKinsey & Company, where he worked on strategy for companies such as Netscape, Hewlett-Packard, Compaq Computer Corporation, and Lotus Development Corporation, among others. he joined IAC/Interactive Corp, which would eventually become known as IAC/InteractiveCorp.

Mr. Blatt became the CEO and Chairman of Match Group, which would eventually become known as Match, Inc. He was named Entrepreneur of the Decade in the United States by Ernst & Young. In 2011, Blatt became an adviser to Apple Inc. and remained in that role for several years after Apple acquired Tinder.

Greg Blatt is a member of New York City’s 92nd Street Y and the Council on Foreign Relations and a Trustee at The Aspen Institute. He also served on the board of trustees of Harvard University, where he was also a member of the Harvard Corporation. He was also on the board of directors at Rockaway Beach Hospital and served on The New York City Economic Development Corporation’s Health Innovation Advisory Board. He is married with two children. See this page for additional information.


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Greg Blatt’s Career Insight On What Businesses Should Do To Thrive 

Greg Blatt is among the most prominent people in the world for his long-term experience in technology. He has created a significant impact in the online dating sector and the law industry. After graduating from college with a business administration course, this investor persuaded his passion of becoming an entrepreneur in different ways. At first, it was a bit difficult to secure a permanent job. He, therefore, took over off jobs across the world, gathering diverse experiences. Some of his jobs included working in a bar or even in a restaurant.

Career Experience

Greg Blatt decided to further his studies and try the new line of work. After graduating with a law degree, he secured a contract with Martha Stewart. In this corporation, Greg served a significant role providing general counsel to different clients. Years later, he had created a significant network line. The IAC matching group consulted him to help return the company to its previous glory.

Greg Blatt saw an opportunity to utilize earned skills and give them the best. He explains that Working for this online dating company is the best opportunity for his career. He serves as the CEO providing insight on various projects.


Greg Blatt has made a significant reputation during his tenure in this company. He has provided clients with a platform to match with different people. His responsibility is providing ways to increase its logistics through which the company can increase its logistics. He has integrated new systems in Tinder, Match Group, and IAC, ensuring that they no longer face any hardships.

This CEO urges his colleagues to have a strong team behind them to excel. After joining this company, Greg found a team of professionals to help accomplish set objectives. He also advocates entrepreneurs to have a plan when investing to avoid risks in the future. He has excelled as a leader and entrepreneur creating a reputation in online dating sites. Click here to learn more.


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