Krishen Iyer founder of MAIS Consulting

Krishen Iyer is a self-made entrepreneur who founded and owns Encinitas-based consulting company, MAIS Consulting. The successful entrepreneur grew up in California, where he went to study at San Diego State University before earning his degree in Public Administration with honors. Successful CEO  and entrepreneur Krishen Iyer’s career in the insurance industry saw beginnings not long after graduating college. 


The first company he founded, MNP Insurance, aka Name My Premium, is known for its phenomenal growth and inclusion on the Inc 5000 list in 2015. After establishing this successful firm, he became the founder & CEO of another one called Managed Benefit Services, formerly known as Quick Link Marketing, which helps clients generate leads to grow their businesses. Successful CEO and entrepreneur Krishen Iyer recently sold his company to explore new opportunities in marketing and consulting. 


Managed Benefit Services(MBS) is alive and thriving under the leadership of new managers who can bring it out successfully. He is the founder and CEO of MAIS Consulting, which aims to help companies with contracting. Led by Krishen Iyer, the company also offers marketing strategies for businesses to expand their reach across new markets.


This, while preserving existing customer bases by maintaining quality services. Mr. Iyer’s giving heart knows no bounds.He has been an integral part of many philanthropic endeavors within the community and abroad with Make-A-Wish Foundation. Finally, successful CEO and entrepreneur Krishen Iyer also traveled to Haiti after being devastated by an earthquake for relief efforts.