It takes a whole to move through Exponential Change

Ron Gutman enjoys creating new things, constructing things, and investing in brilliant individuals that have huge ideas. His charitable endeavors foster interpersonal relationships and/or support individuals in leading better, happier lives. He’s visited 85 nations across 6 continents and is still on schedule to complete his longtime ambition of seeing every nation in the globe.


The “new normal” of change shown by Covid-19 and its offshoots has three dimensions: perpetual -occurring constantly-, ubiquitous -overtaking several spheres of existence at a go-, and exponential -accelerating at an increasingly rapid rate. Ron Gutman states that the capacity to function in this new environment will be the benchmark for effective leadership.


The term “sapient leadership” refers to the creation of a new paradigm for leadership in an era where change is continual, pervasive, and exponential. We questioned influential figures on how they handle three-dimensional change from various fields, eras, and political viewpoints. According to Ron Gutman, the paradigm for Sapient Leadership was built using the results.


Teams that are always learning are necessary for keeping up with and successfully navigating 3 D change. The breadth, depth, and speed of learning in their enterprises must all be improved, according to businessmen at Sapient Leaders. According to healthcare expert Ron Gutman, learning has to occur across a range of areas, be inspired by leadership, encouraged by culture, and communicated openly and effectively.

The constant, widespread, and exponential capacity building required for successfully navigating 3-D change is made possible by sapient leadership. The secret to Sapient Governance is how well it fits into the lengthy arc of our species’ evolution. Ron Gutman says that it incorporates the requirement for leaders, teams, and organizations to continually change into its design.