How Temu is Dominating

It didn’t take long for the highest-downloaded app in the US to beat Walmart and Amazon. It connects to a store in China. It is currently attempting to monetize a performance on the largest platform in America.

Temu, a Pinduoduo-owned internet store headquartered in Boston, debuted at the Super Bowl on Sunday.

A new commercial for Temu, which runs an online marketplace for almost everything, including apparel, technology, and home goods, debuted during the game and encouraged viewers to spend like a billionaire.

“Using the largest stage possible, we want to share with our customers that they may buy with a sense of freedom because of the pricing we offer,” a Temu representative said in a statement to CNN.

The 30-second ad enables consumers to indulge by making several cheap purchases. A pair of cordless headphones cost $8.50 on Temu, while women’s swimwear is only $6.50. There is an eyebrow trimmer for 90 cents.

By Western standards, this shockingly low pricing has drawn comparisons to Shein, which offers a similar selection of reasonably priced apparel and domestic goods and has significantly increased its market share in countries like the United States.

The app was launched by PDD. The US-listed company was formerly known as Pinduoduo. It is the parent company of Temu. The company’s name was altered just this month.

Pinduoduo, a PDD affiliate, is a well-known e-commerce site in China. It has about 900 million users. It gained notoriety for its group-buying business strategy, which enabled customers to save money by enlisting others to make numerous purchases of the same item.

It boasts on its website that it provides a broad selection of high-quality, reasonably priced products by utilizing the extensive network that its parent company has built over the years.