Celebrate Halloween With Jack-o’-lantern Pizza at Happy Joe’s

Happy Joe’s is celebrating Halloween with a new twist on classic pizza: Jack-o’-lantern pizza. This October, the eatery will release everyone’s favorite fall dessert (pumpkin pie) onto their menu in the form of a pizza. The pumpkin pie dough is spread out and topped with a layer of crushed gingersnaps before being dotted with pumpkin pie spices, sliced pumpkins, and ground cinnamon. 


The sauce is replaced by a pumpkin sauce with whipped cream, before the pizza is topped with gingersnap frosting and pumpkin butter, also known as “candy corn butter.” This year’s Jack-o’-lantern pizza will be available at all of Happy Joe’s locations in addition to select independent locations across the country. 

Happy Joe´s ack-o’-lantern Pizza

According to Joe, the owner of Happy Joe’s and the creator of this magical food creation, Halloween is a magical time of year. The Jack-o’-lantern pizza will be available from October 31 through the end of November. 


Of course, Happy Joe’s American Pizza Parlor is also known for their other Halloween-themed pizzas that they offer throughout the season. You can try the Candy Corn Cheese Pizza or the Frankenstein Pizza to get in the spirit of Halloween this year.

This type of meal will be great for parties, family gatherings, and large group gatherings due to its easy-to-make nature and deliciousness. At Happy Joe’s American Pizza Parlor, it is also a small treat that anyone can enjoy, so it is perfect for children and adults alike.