Challenges of Financial Growth in 2022 abd Financial Leaders like Gary McGaghey

There are many immediate concerns in the world of CFOs coming into 2022. There are talent shortages, pricing pressures, and new COVID-19 variants. There is also the problem of rising inflation and the intentions of the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates in response, which will further curb economic growth. It is more important than ever for CFOs to watch world finance leaders like Gary McGaghey to determine the best courses of action for a company.

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Businesses need to tackle these issues as well as the significant and possibly substantial tax policy changes fast approaching. Companies also need to assess the impact of the newly signed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Business leaders can use predictive analysis, modeling scenarios, and the examples of finance leaders, such as Gary McGaghey, to find the keys leading to the company’s ultimate financial success in the coming year. The latest PricewaterhouseCoopers, or PwC, business survey indicates that finding and retaining talent, rethinking pricing strategies to buffer rising input costs, and potential effects of tax increase proposals on employees, job creation, and investments, are all major concerns for the majority of CFOs when considering future growth. These pressures all converge to highlight CFOs and their financial leadership. These pressures also provide the opportunity to align with the tax director and, others in important business functions, to assess and respond to disruption and changes and identify strategic possibilities for economic development and increase.

Gary McGaghey’s extensive experience as Chief Financial Officer and Group CFO of international companies like Williams Lea Tag, makes him one of the financial leaders to pay close attention to. Following examples and strategies set forth by leaders like McGaphey could prove to be what a business needs to achieve financial growth with all the challenges ahead in 2022.