ClassDojo was founded in August 2011 to offer a communication platform that teachers, students, and families require while in school. The company achieved communication between different parties through features like feed for photos, videos, and messaging translated to more languages. Hence enabled teachers to control students’ behavior and note feedback on their students’ skills, coming up with a portfolio where the students’ families can be aware of activities happening in school with or without meeting with the teachers.

ClassDojo has improved education through its digital stream that enables students’ stories in the classroom possible. The student stories digital portfolio allows students to interact with their classmates and exchange ideas while sharing the experiences they get by learning with their parents. The company also has a messaging platform translated to other native languages. That Ensured teachers and parents communicated over messages while hiding phone numbers.

ClassDojo worked with PubNub to solve their difficulty in devoting the company’s resources to build and maintain a particular custom solution in-house. PubNub helped the company by establishing a real-time network that has enabled it to be able to connect easily with other devices. It also had their solution but were faced with problems since each school has its nature of running school networks, school using outdated networks and browsers and servers that block traffic. The company revealed working with PubNub that uses Websockets made it possible for users to use real-time features on the school’s network since PubNub long polling makes them compatible across all school networks.

PubNub revealed to be successful while working with ClassDojo isn’t easy, but they achieved this through understanding the company needs a global scaled and redundant network. Since it has many users sending messages, the network has to be reliable to receive instant notifications. Indeed, by doing all this, it will achieve its goal of bringing communities together and give children the learning experience they would love.

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