Colcom Foundation: An Agent Of Change


With the increase in population, there has been an increased strain on the world’s resources. The Colcom Foundation has consistently demonstrated its resolve to safeguard the planet for future generations directly or by working with its partners. Founded in 1996 by Cordelia S. May, the foundation illuminated the strain on the environment and spearheaded this discourse.

Impacting Environmental Change

The Colcom Foundation, through various strategic organizations dedicated to environmental conservation, has achieved tangible growth in protecting natural resources. By championing research and conservation efforts, Colcom Foundation fosters a greater understanding of the correlation between human activities and the environment.

By promoting innovative farming techniques and supporting farmers in adopting eco-friendly methods, the foundation plays a crucial role in a sustainable agricultural landscape. These efforts not only ease the environmental burden but ensure food security.


It is a known fact, according to the Pew Research Center, that the leading cause of population growth in the US is unchecked immigration. This phenomenon is not only an unsustainable policy but also a strain on the ecological system. As a result, the foundation is at the forefront of advocating for a gradual reduction of immigration levels, which translates to a stabilized population growth by 2040.

Impacting the Local Community

The Colcom Foundation has had a significant impact in different capacities in the community of Southwest Pennsylvania. In promoting education, the foundation, in conjunction with Touchstone Center for Crafts’ has provided funding for its summer internship program. This program helps its participants sharpen their artistic skills and is open to adults, teenagers, and veterans.

Human Well Being

The foundation is interested in improving the welfare of veterans in Pittsburgh in partnership with Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs. The organization provides highly trained medical service dogs to various veterans struggling with various afflictions from their service. See this page for additional information.


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