Driven and Bold – The Journey for Don Manifold

Don Manifold wears many hats as a successful businessman. He specializes in divestment’s, acquisitions, and mergers. In addition to this, he founded his own company, and he serves as a director. The journey to the top was not easy. Discover what fueled Don Manifold on his quest.

Educational Background

For Manifold, the foundation of his success was a solid education. In 1987, Manifold attended Flinders University. He studied there and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1991. Later, Manifold attended the Australian Graduate School of Management. During his time here, he honed his skills and graduated with an MBA.

Experience in the Business World

When Manifold was still attending Flinders University, he pursued many job opportunities. His business journey began in Adelaide. Then, the search expanded to other major cities like Sydney, London, and Melbourne. These experiences made Manifold sharper and wiser. He still wanted new challenges, so he returned to Adelaide and landed a job at KPMG. Manifold’s primary area of expertise is transactions. He has advised many individuals throughout his career. His feedback has been quite beneficial to businesses in Papa New Guinea, England, Croatia, and Australia.

Don Manifold – His Current Role

Equity & Advisory is one of the leading firms in South Australia. Don Manifold is the Joint Managing Director of this firm. When he is not serving as a director, he creates effective business strategies for various companies. Manifold is not a normal employee who shares his advice. He always provides his advice from a Board level.

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