How Mitto’s Services Can Help Improve Your Customer Service in 2023

Mitto Uses Data to Create Tools for Better Customer Experience

Mitto AG is a platform for businesses. Through the platform, businesses can find solutions for all multichannel communications with their customers. To create these solutions, Mitto has conducted several surveys regarding customer experience. Thanks to the surveys, the platform knows the impact of customer experience on customer behavior and conversions. According to Mitto, the marketing and customer support staff in a business are responsible for meering the rising demands of the customers.

For any business to meet the rising demands from consumers, they need effective communication. With so many communication channels available for businesses, it might be challenging for businesses to effectively engage the customers. This is where Mitto comes in. Through Mitto, a business is able to engage and interact with customers across different channels for better customer experience and consequently better conversions and business revenue.

According to Mitto, 2023 will see businesses using even more communication channels. Their goal is to make it easier for these businesses to effectively use these channels with unification of communication channels and customer support. With the omnichannel strategies and solutions that Mitto has to offer, businesses will experience more revenue growth. An omnichannel strategy enhances customer loyalty. When customers are happy, there will be less likelihood of them leaving for other businesses.

A Team of Experienced Experts

At the helm of Mitto operations is Ilja Gorelik, co-founder and COO. Ilja is an experienced tech entrepreneur who has worked in the telecommunications industry for many years. He is also responsible for the growth of several startups in different industries. He, and Andrea Giacomini, partnered to start Mitto AG in 2013 to help even more people run their businesses the right way.