Immensa Is Embracing Digitization To The Fullest

Digitization of assets is a trend many businesses are embracing, and Immensa Labs is no exception. Immensa, founded in 2016, leads the industry in additive manufacturing. They convert 3D models into digital assets, which are stored in a cloud base warehouse, enabling their customers from all over the world easy access.

Though the company services the GCC region, they have a strong representation in Dammam, Dubai, Sharjah, and Kuwait. Their additive manufacturing capabilities allow other companies to reduce their overall costs. Also, they recently gained two 3D printing companies to help meet the demand for parts.

Fahmi Al Shawwa, the company’s founder, has a dream of creating the area’s largest additive manufacturing platform of spare parts. However, technical issues and the lack of digital inventories are hindering the goal. Those hurdles are requiring Immensa to create its own part digitization process. As a result, the company now offers 3D manufacturing and digitization of parts. Al Shawwa’s goal is to have over a million parts in their digital warehouse by 2023. Right now, they have approximately 5,000 digitalized products available.

Last year, Shorooq Partners invested in the company. The company is known for backing ambitious startup companies. Tina Daher, a Shorooq Partners Senior Investment Professional, explains that they were attracted to the company’s unique technological strengths. Daher states that in a world still affected by chain supply issues, their technology prevents delays and puts them ahead of others in using smart technology. Both companies have the shared goal of creating more competitiveness within their industry. They believe now is the time to take advantage of the momentum within the additive manufacturing industry.