Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump: Two Billionaire Business Men with So Much in Common

Successful business persons, more often than not, have many things in common. This statement reflects the ties between the two prominent billionaires although they are from separate regions of the world. It all started with the construction of some golf courses contracted to DAMAC Properties in 2013. This was before Trump got involved in politics. The job was excellently carried out beyond the expectation of Trump. More business engagements followed between the DAMAC owner and Trump. The ties between both men took a higher dimension with the triumph of Trump in the last US presidential election.


Just like Hussain Sajwani, Donald Trump is also into real estate. Deals involving these two men usually run into billions of dollars. In fact, the U. S. President had to turn down a mega real estate deal from Hussain Sajwani worth about two billion dollars. The reason was to forestall likely conflicts between the president’s business interests and the need for him to pay undivided attention to the demands of governance.


There are perhaps no better five-star luxury hotels in the whole of Dubai and major cities in the Middle East than the ones own and run by DAMAC Properties. Tourists and visitors preferred these sophisticated lodging apartments. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is doing almost the same thing back in the United States. He also has a couple of these luxury five-star hotels.


Another beautiful thing about these great men is the fact that members of their family are actively involve in the running of their business empire. Donald Trump, in particular, has had to hands-off the running of his business to his wife and children since he entered the White House. In the case of the Hussain Sajwani family, key positions in DAMAC Properties are in the hands members of the family. Today, the cordial relationship that exists between the two billionaires is now evident among other members of both families.


Even before the two billionaires got to know each other, they have been running personal charity foundations as a way of giving back to the society. President Donald Trump and his family have been carrying out philanthropic activities for decades. The same thing applies to Hussain Sajwani. It was on the news recently that he gave AED two million to assist in providing cloths for underprivileged children during the month of Ramadan.


It is thus obvious from the above that the business and family ties between both billionaires are likely to intensify and blossom with time.