Jason Hope on The Billion-Dollar Lessons


Jason Hope is a multifaceted philanthropist, investor, educator, and thought leader in the fields of scientific research and technological innovation. He has a wide and varied intersection of interests including, for example, the study of human behavior and leadership. As someone who is interested in these topics, I was delighted to read an article by Jason Hope back in 2016 that surveyed several best-selling books on the psychology of success.


1. Setting a Productive Tone Each Day


Jason Hope stresses the power of establishing healthy and productive routines in order to achieve his goals. He begins by describing how important it is for him to start each day “at a productive and healthy place”. As a reminder, he notes that this would seem like a no-brainer for most people but that he believes that too many people allow their work habits or other commitments to get in the way of their ‘productive and healthy place’.


2.Bringing Ideas to Life


Jason Hope references the book The Ultimate Sales Machine, by Tom Hopkins. The book is about the power of a positive attitude in achieving success in sales and marketing. Jason Hope notes that everything that is done should start with a certain mindset. One must be able to “look at the world with an open mind and take in as much information as possible” before going into any type of action.


3. Confronting Failure and Bad Habits

Jason Hope on The Billion-Dollar Lessons


Jason continues to focus on his entrepreneurial journey which has involved many failures and trials. The most recent failure, for example, was losing ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars’ on a Broadway musical. As an activist investor, that was hard on Jason Hope. In order to prevent this from happening again, he has learned how to “make failure an ally” and that “every goal matters”. He believes that failure is a process that is often more beneficial than the outcome itself as it can create valuable insights.


4. Seeing the Big Picture and Not Getting Distracted


Hope shares some advice that he credits to the book The Billion-Dollar Lessons. In his words, the book stresses the importance of being organized and “having a plan” in order to achieve any sort of success. He notes that too many people are distracted by minor issues and worries when they need to stay focused on something much more important like their goals. By creating proper systems and planning around those systems, one can reach these goals.


By adopting the positive attitude, taking in information, and staying focused, Jason Hope has made his own self-assessed goal of helping to “transform a trillion lives on this planet.