Joining the Journey of Digital Currency Exchange with IM Academy

IM Academy was started in 2013 by two renowned independent entrepreneurs and Forex specialists, Christopher Terry and Isis de la Torre. This organization offers a variety of tools and resources to help aspiring traders learn the fundamentals of online trading. IM Academy provides users with practical knowledge and skillsets when trading financial assets by creating four subscription-based training programs. More than 225,000 active subscribers have benefited from IM’s educational products and services.

The video modules of each program cover a wide range of topics, such as understanding foreign currency exchanges, high-frequency exchange (HFX), e-commerce basics, digital currency (DCX) exchange fundamentals, and more. Through unlimited interactive goLive sessions with IM Academy educators, students can apply the concepts they learn directly to real-life circumstances to grow their skills further. Plus, mobile app users can access all pre-recorded content straight from their devices wherever they are.

FRX Academy is a great way for new traders to start as it introduces Forex Trading and includes 76 videos that break down essential subjects related to the field. Students jumping into HFX Academy will explore different types of analysis while understanding pricing volatility along with spreads, margins, and order types associated with trading high-frequency stocks. DCX Academy helps newcomers get familiarized with digital currencies, including blockchains and market volatility.

In contrast, ECX introduces those starting a business online to how to build their brand identity and serve customers more efficiently through payment processing methods and effective advertising tactics on various platforms. Overall, joining IM Academy is an excellent way for learners worldwide to set off on their journey of digital currency exchange at their own pace–guided by world-class educators!

IM Academy also offers a discounted bundle for the Elite Academy, which consists of four Academies. This package allows students to access these academies at a discounted rate of 54% on their primary subscription and 48% monthly. As well as this discount, IM can add extra specialized classes to any academy to gain further insight into one or more particular areas of interest. Some add-ons are included in the four basic academies, while others may be purchased separately.

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