Kelcy Warren, Chairman And CEO Of Energy Transfer

Kelcy vision is to be “the first Energy Transfer company in the world”.

Mr. Warren started his career in the oil and gas industry when he founded Energy Transfer Partners in 1997 at age 24. Since then, he has built ETP into one of North America’s largest pipeline operators, with a track record of successfully completing more than 4,300 projects to date.

The success of Kelcy Warren is not debatable; however, the path to achieving such great heights is not easily found.

This paper will discuss his biography, and how Kelcy Warren has exceeded popular expectations to make his way to the top. This research will focus on Warren’s successes, obstacles, and how to handle them.

The biography of Kelcy Warren consists of a height statement, education, work experience, awards and achievements, membership in societies and more.

Kelcy was born September 18, 1967 in Duncanville Texas to father Jimmie Ray and mother Nelda Sue (née Adams). Warren’s father was a teacher and his mother a secretary.

Warren grew up in Duncanville, TX with the neighborhood kids. Kelcy Warren reports that he has the best memories of time spent with family and friends growing up. Warren used to follow his mother on walks to work or to visit family or friends in their houses.

At the age of 12, Warren decided he wanted to be an entrepreneur, so he created and sold a newspaper door-to-door with friends.

Warren graduated from high school at age 16. He was in the National Honor Society, participated in sports, and held leadership positions. Warren chose to attend Tarleton State University because he felt that he needed a university with a good football team, which Tarleton had. Warren also wanted to be near an ocean; never having been near one before. At Tarleton University, he was interested in meteorology (study of weather) and engineering; both which filled his passion for teaching and research. Visit this page for additional information.


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