Krishen Iyer Ranks at the Forbes Global List

Krishen Iyer is the founder of Encinitas-based consulting company MAIS Consulting. MAIS consulting provides strategic advice for companies that want to access emerging markets within the US and internationally. Krishen has played a vital role in helping many Fortune 500 companies with their international expansion strategies.

Business Expert Krishen Iyer´s Career

  1. About Krishen Iyer


The successful entrepreneur is a seasoned professional and a significant contributor to the growth of companies listed in the Forbes Global 2000 list. Krishen Iyer has expanded his global management consulting business to the Asia Pacific region. Krishen is known for his ability to solve complex challenges for big or small businesses.


He specializes and focuses on creating value through financial and operational analysis, and leads teams from an organizational perspective. Before founding MAIS Consulting, Krishen was a senior manager at several Fortune 500 companies, including Black & Decker and Federal Express.


  1. The Best Strategies for Your Business


Krishen Iyer further states that a business should not think about just growing revenues but also about making sure that every penny is well spent, as creating value for customers can be as important as stretching payments.


  1. Krishen Iyer on How to Excel in Business


Krishen Iyer has always emphasized the importance of an edge in building a successful business and that businesses should try to differentiate themselves from the competition. He states that they can achieve this by providing a different product or creating a sustainable competitive advantage. According to the business expert and mentor, attracting and retaining talent can be another vital ingredient in creating success.

The main goal of MAIS Consulting is to provide expert business advice and help companies reach their goals. Krishen Iyer has a record of delivering outstanding results for his clients in the US and overseas. He says that MAIS Consulting aspires to be a global business advisory firm with strong leadership capabilities and solid expertise in solving complex international challenges.