Learn about Online Trading Academy

Eyal Shahar founded Online Trading Academy in 1997 after retiring as a successful diamond importer. Initially, the goal of starting the trading company was to invest the money he had acquired after selling his import business. However, he realized that the traders he hired would finally set off to invest their own money; he saw this as an opportunity to teach professional trading to interested individuals.

Online Trading Academy has undergone huge growth since its foundation. It currently boasts 38 locations globally, including cities such as Vancouver, Singapore, Toronto, and Mumbai. Its current plan is to extend its operations to Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Jakarta.

The academy offers a variety of trading courses; to trade different financial instruments like stocks and foreign currency. Over 20000 students have benefited from the professional training and have shown great satisfaction.

Many people believe that ‘buy and hold’ is the best principle to follow for successful investing. With this long-term investing, a trader takes advantage of the historically upward trend in the market, thus reducing the risks of the short-term approach.

On the other hand, a group of active investors see profitable opportunities in the short-term approach. These investors buy and sell financial instruments believing they can anticipate the up and down movement to make a profit. With this type of trading, individuals can make huge profits compared to the buy-and-hold approach.

The most common type of active trading is known as day trading. With this type of trading, investors buy and sell securities in one trading day. They do not hold their securities overnight.

Those interested in profitable trading can sign up for a seven-day professional trader course at Online Trading Academy. Additional classes include trading futures, commodities, options, and many more. The pay for this courses average about $1000 daily; students are allowed to retake the courses at no additional cost.