Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Entrepreneurship Life

Hawkers Co. sells millions of sunglasses at enormous levels today. All this comes from its unforgettable humble beginnings. Bringing in the right people was critical to the company’s financial success. Alejandro Betancourt typically invests in and serves in top leadership positions in projects pique his interest.

At the start of his career as an investor, Alejandro Betancourt looked into many companies undergoing vast growth. He performed a good background check on the evident reasons behind their success. Also, he met people modelling start-ups with the same ideologies but in separate parts of the world. These businesses frequently experienced different outcomes, which Alejandro realized a deficit. From there, he always associated with people carrying the right ideas.

Alejandro Betancourt had good mentors who advised him constantly. With all these pieces of advice, he would filter before applying. Unfortunately, sometimes he would leave out good advice, which would be a learning experience.

In the mid-2010s, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez saw a rare chance that few others did. Instead of depending on traditional (expensive) methods, he looked into how social media could spread the word with a higher ROI.

He wasn’t the first to spot the worth of influencer marketing, but he was one of the first to execute it on social media. Betancourt Lopez sought out trendy fashion models who were already enthusiasts of the sunglasses. This idea brought vast success to the company.

In conclusion, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez had a lot of knowledge working with big businesses and knew how to spread from one level to the next. Being a part of this proves him to be the right person for many companies by contributing to their goodwill.

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