Looking Back at the Accuracy of 2022 Stitch Fix Men´s Fashion Predictions

Can the smart use of new technologies such as data science and artificial intelligence accurately predict fashion trends? This is one of the many projects undertaken by Stitch Fix, a leading tech startup that provides various products and services in the clothing fashion industry.


The outstanding Stitch Fix Fashion Blog uses a variety of data sources that include customer purchase history, social media conversations, and fashion industry news to identify emerging trends. The data is used to evaluate new styles and recommend items to customers that are likely to be popular; this is done through proprietary machine learning algorithms.


Ever since Stitch Fix fashion blog has been issuing trend reports and fashion forecasts, the company has been fairly accurate. If we look back at the predictions for men’s fashion in North America for 2022, we see that the forecasts have been on point concerning the retro 1990s and 2000s wave. 


Skinny jeans are clearly in the past; instead, stylish men are wearing loose-fitting trousers as well as larger t-shirts and hoodies. Something else that Stitch Fix got right with its 2022 predictions, which have extended into 2023, is the dominant bold color and geometric patterns that overlapped the 1980s and the 1990s. 

The same can be said about the company’s accurate guess about office attire, which is going through a unique period of transition that includes the new garments called “shackets”, which are button-down shirts with jacket elements and tails that are not designed to be tucked in. Fancy shackets at Stitch Fix blog have been spotted at many office towers around New York City in 2023.