M Patrick Carroll’s Efforts in Philanthropy

For the last fifteen years, M Patrick Carroll has been the CEO of CARROLL. CARROLL is a real estate and development company based in Tennessee. Even then, the company is widely known in the USA as it extends its services to many parts of the country. M Patrick Carroll had never thought of being in the real estate industry. Advice from his mentor drove him into taking advantage of the opportunities in the real estate industry. Renovating and flipping homes was his first task in the industry. At 27, he had acquired enough capital to create a house development unit.

As Patrick continues to climb the ladder in his career, there is something he has never forgotten. Giving back to the community. He is one of the leading givers globally, contributing to over 50 charitable organizations. Patrick is empathetic with people who face different crises, and some of the significant areas include health, early childhood development, and general wellness.

Here are areas where M Patrick Carroll participates in giving.

  1. He partners with Habitat for Humanity. This organization helps low-income families get a place they call home. They can either build a home from scratch or renovate a home that seems to be in a poor state.
  2. Food donation. Patrick partners with different organizations and government authorities to combat hunger. He has donated food in Tampa, Denver, Texas, and Florida, among other food banks in America.
  3. Inspiration. Not only does Patrick Carroll help in finances, but he also helps raise a great generation. Through his giving, many young people get inspired and know the right thing to do. That is proactively bringing a positive change in society.
  4. Covid-19 donations. Many families, including Patrick’s employees, were affected. Patrick developed a strategy to send a gift card to each of his employees that got the infection. He also sent donations to his local community and families experiencing hunger in Ukraine.


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