Media Publishing Law Specialist André Des Rochers

André Des Rochers is one of the most influential innovators in the entertainment industry. In today’s world, advances in tech and digital media have created a spectacularly new landscape. With that comes a shift in business models and opportunities for entrepreneurial activity, generating even more change and creating opportunity. 


André Des Rochers is one of those people who has utilized that opportunity, standing at the epicenter of this transition into an unprecedented world. Based in Santa Barbara, he has worked with a wide range of clients in the entertainment industry across various disciplines– from writing and directing to producing, managing, and trading his distribution rights. 


He’s worked with some of the most successful entrepreneurs globally with some of the most established brands. He’s worked at various stages on products published by some of the largest publishers in print and digital media. André Des Rochers has lived and breathed technology from start to finish. He’s big on data and analytics. He’s been a project manager, programmer, engineer, and director of photography. 


It’s not every day that you can work with the creators behind some of today’s most iconic brands and the pioneers who built this nascent technology. But that’s where I’ve come to know André (Deadline).


As early as the late 1990s, André was the first director to use video to create narratives within games. His debut game, Portal, is widely considered to have broken some of the most pervasive rules of game design. It was an instant success, and from there, he created one of the most highly regarded game franchises ever – Left 4 Dead. From his work on Portal to his contribution to Valve’s wildly successful multiplayer zombie shooter, André Des Rochers has brought modern player interaction into computer games.