PlayUp Global CEO Daniel Simic Details the Brand

PlayUp Global has been with us for over a decade and is the number one leading sportswear brand in Europe. They are strong like steel and wear well like jeans. The company is valued at 5 billion dollars, but what makes it even better is that they sell athletic and casual apparel with a social impact.

The logo design is not simply some pretty colors and letters, but rather it is a collection of icons that are all intended to appear at once in a solid form – something you could give to someone, and they could be sure that it was the perfect gift. The colors and fonts were also chosen with this in mind. So at first glance, it looks like an imitation of Adidas or Nike. You look a little closer and see that it is a copy of the great American brand, but they are not the same company.

Daniel Simic designed the PlayUp logo in partnership with designer Michael Osborn. The new logo is distinguished by its strong font and iconic form, which bears no resemblance to the current Adidas or Nike logos and uses many subtle elements to avoid visual clutter. Some say that PlayUp’s new design evokes current trends and pop culture without looking as if it is trying too hard to be trendy.

Not only is the PlayUp logo good-looking and easy to remember, but it is also instantly recognizable. We all know that Nike and Adidas have gone through some significant changes. Whether or not they are good changes is up for debate, but one sure thing is that they have changed. It can hinder a company because customers who may have been loyal for years suddenly feel like their brand no longer represents them.

By picking a new logo with no visual cues, PlayUp can avoid the look of modernity. Their logo will always be as timeless and classic as it is today and is more likely to remain in style for years to come.