QNET: Empowering Individuals and Transforming Lives Worldwide

QNET is a global e-commerce company that offers quality goods and services to customers worldwide. The direct selling company allows individuals to start and grow their own sales businesses by promoting its products, thus uplifting people’s lives and enhancing lifestyles through entrepreneurship-based solutions.


With distributors spread across Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, the company has established diversity as its strength. The company collaborates with Direct Deals General Trading and Direct Deals Portal LLC, registered under the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry commercial register numbers 911993 and 982662, to operate in the United Arab Emirates. Their office is at City Tower 2 along Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.


Since its inception in 1998, the company has impacted over 100 countries globally. With millions of satisfied customers and active distributors, QNET takes pride in delivering quality products while providing entrepreneurs an opportunity for financial freedom.


At QNET, leadership is one of the core values involving nurturing entrepreneurial passion as a path to innovation and independence. We prioritize service as we are committed to serving our community with devotion, respect, and excellence. Integrity is also a critical component of our operations; honesty drives every activity undertaken in the organization. Additionally, sustainability is vital; protecting our environment is paramount as the next generation caretakers. You can watch all of their feats on their Youtube channel to learn more.


The founding pioneers are inspired by the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, where they adopted the RYTHM foundation, Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. This approach empowers individuals to be successful, which is fundamental to building success within the company. Additionally, humility remains critical towards leading others through service above self-model- showcasing that an emphasis on servant leadership creates positive results.


Collaborating with world-class partnerships sets us apart from other companies globally and has helped increase our brand awareness. One such partnership includes becoming Manchester City Football Club’s Official Direct Selling Partner, a top contender team in football providing uniqueness all around. Kindly visit here for more.

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