Raffaele Riva is a New Kind of CEO

The AUREA Multi-Family Office is a highly unique institution in the realm of wealth management. This is a firm that was set up by Raffaele Riva. As a native of Italy, Raffaele Riva was empowered to think far outside of the box. His goal was to set up a firm that would extend its influence far outside of his homeland. This dream has since been realized.

AUREA is a firm that exists through a series of tributary companies. These exist in Italy, Switzerland, and the U.K. Riva and his team of global experts in the realm of finance are equipped with the skills to handle a wide variety of tasks. Their clients are some of the wealthiest people in the world who naturally expect great results.

Raffaele Riva intended AUREA to handle such aspects of the industry as wealth, assets, and taxes. The firm is also equipped to delve into the realm of real estate, trusts, and investments. As noted above, the clientele of the firm consists of elite, high profile clients. These people possess properties and investments in various countries.

AUREA Multi-Family Office was created to be the parent company to a series of four firms in various parts of Europe. They work together in order to provide diverse and fully customized financial services. The ultimate goal as stipulated by Raffaele Riva has always been to serve the needs of the elite. This includes individual as well as corporate clients.

All of these needs placed together were the spur that impelled Raffaele Riva to reach for a new kind of success. His goal was nothing less than to tackle each area of wealth management in one single firm. This was the reason why he created a truly multifaceted firm. His hard work and nascent vision have paid off to a high degree.

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