Raffaele Riva – Why Optimism In Business Matters


Raffaele Riva is the founder and co-owner of the Aurea Multi-Family Office, a business that provides financial services for clients in global business dealings. Offering services like financial planning, asset management, and real estate, this organization has been critical for the success of many elite clients. At the core of this success is Riva’s focus on optimism in business. This outlook has allowed him to excel in his role and provide the leadership that his business needs to thrive.

More Than Just Numbers

A big part of the optimism that Raffaele Riva brings to his workplace is rooted in doing right by his clients. He knows that to grow his business he has to focus more on just the numbers and instead provide true value for his clients. To accomplish this, he’s always asking himself how he can provide better service. He’s also quick to step in and fix things when something goes wrong on his client’s end so that he can provide more value in their lives.

Finding Inspiration in Brilliant Minds

Brilliant minds think alike, and Raffaele Riva is no exception. He’s stated that he finds a lot of his inspiration in both fresh ideas and brilliant minds. He is also inspired by other entrepreneurs and the new strategies they use to grow their businesses. In fact, he supports growing business as both a mentor and investor.

Working Towards a Bright Future for International Business

Optimism isn’t just an abstract idea to Raffaele Riva. Instead, it is something that he puts into practice daily. He stays in close contact with his clients and personally oversees many of their dealings. This hands-on approach and his immense attention to detail have earned him a positive track record that stands out among his peers. Going forward, it is easy to see that Aurea will continue to be a major player in the world of international finance.

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