Real Estate Expert Greg Aziz

Gregory James Aziz better known as Greg Aziz happens to be the president and the CEO of SumZero; he became an ark of patience and vision that are long-term. He has tirelessly documented his experiences and transitiveness into parenthood.


Having been born in the engineering world, their passion for creativity and innovation took root in the garage of their home. His dedication and determination as a real estate expert led him to push the boundaries and formulate provocative designs that helped him earn recognition in the field of engineering. Greg Aziz holds an outstanding professional career. 


After getting retired from his prosperous career, his spirit of inventiveness led him to uncover new ventures in day trading. Armed with a prowess analytical refined from his days of engineering, Greg Aziz managed to climb at a faster rate, climbing the ladder of prosperity and collecting to defy all the odds.

Business Leader Greg Aziz

The life of Aziz is a season that helps in balancing the pursuits of personal and professional. His unwavering heart has always been held by his family. Being a doting father, he has always ensured that his two children were brought up in a great environment full of care, love, and a learning process. Despite these children leaving the nest, the role of Greg Aziz´s father remains pivotal in his identity.


In conclusion, Greg Aziz can be termed as a Man of a unique Character, continuous passion, and relevant experience. His journey of life has helped in painting a narrative that is compelling and has showcased a man who has curiosity, which is insatiable, and an unwavering passion for his commitment. It becomes perfect that the story of Aziz can be termed to be far from far.