Real Estate Expert Robert Lee Jack Bull Explains The Appeal Of Bungalow Living

Robert Lee Jack Bull is a real estate expert who serves as the chief executive officer of RoyaleLife. He oversees an organization with over 400 employees and several divisions. However, he keeps the structure of his company as flat as possible. He wants people who work for RoyaleLife to easily discuss issues and share ideas.

In a recent interview, he said that even though he’s the CEO, it’s vital that everyone at his company can share their ideas and comment on things. Robert Lee Jack Bull believes that, while he’s the top executive, he works with employees rather than their working for him. This style of leadership has resulted in RoyaleLife becoming the largest bungalow company in the United Kingdom.

His company builds bungalows for people over the age of 45. The homes have two-bedrooms and are fully furnished. There are developments in Dorset, Norfolk, Cornwall, Kent and Hampshire. In all, there are 90 gate communities with more in the planning or development phases. Amenities include swimming pools, gyms and coffee lounges.

Many people over age 45 want to downsize from a large home to a bungalow. The bungalows include maintenance. Since they’re small, they can be cared for properly. Once they’re fully retired, they can enjoy a stress-free life that doesn’t include taking care of a large property. Another benefit is that everyone in the community is in the same age range, it’s easier to find new friends.

Robert Lee Jack Bull created the Home Part Exchange program. Customers sell their existing home, buy the bungalow, and keep any profit. There aren’t any hidden costs as all fees are covered. Profit from the sale of the existing home can be used however the owner sees fit. To learn more visit: here.