The Colcom Foundation Works to Protect the Global Environment

The world is heading to a tipping point as human development moves forward unchecked. This is the theory backed by the Colcom Foundation as it continues to fight for the planet’s future. The group believes the global environment is threatened by human development. Among the areas of interest for Colcom are immigration policies and family planning.

The group has a distinct set of values that drive its work. Among the areas of interest for the group is the desire to reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies and unwanted births. As the human population continues to rise, the issue of unplanned pregnancies grows in importance.

One of the areas of interest for the Colcom Foundation is population growth in the U.S. Immigration policies are complex and filled with moral issues. Colcom is working to find solutions to the complex problems at the U.S. border, with the group believing limiting the arrival of immigrants will help protect the nation’s future. Reducing America’s environmental footprint is vital to the group, with Colcom believing the population needs to be reduced. Stabilizing America’s population is vital if the “Sixth Mass Extinction” event is to be avoided. Experts already believe the sixth extinction event has begun, with steps needing to be taken to halt its development. Colcom works at national and local levels to help publicize the environmental problems seen recently.

The Colcom Foundation undertakes programs to fight environmental issues at national and local levels. Colcom’s work includes battling the effects of heavy industry on America’s landscape. Colcom is based in Southwest Pennsylvania and continues its fight to heal the landscape.

Several issues have combined to enhance the damage caused by heavy industry on Pennsylvania’s environment. The damage caused by heavy industry in Southwest Pennsylvania’s history continues to cause long-term damage. Working to reverse decades of damage caused by heavy industry will improve the region’s future for its residents.  Visit this page for related information.


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