The Foundation of the Granderson Des Rochers along Damien Granderson

Lawyer Damien Granderson and Guy Blake are the founding partners of the boutique entertainment firm Granderson Des Rochers. This firm is reputed as the hottest entertainment law. The purpose of this firm was to provide representation that clients can trust and a law firm that is outwardly focused on clients’ best interests.


Damien Granderson is passionate about entertainment law, including music, television, film, digital media, and book publishing. He specializes in copyright and trademark issues, artist & producer agreements, record label formation & distribution, and negotiating & drafting artist, label, and producer agreements. Damien advises his clients on intellectual property rights, record contracts, copyrights, music licensing, songwriter royalties, and master recordings.


Granderson explains that the two met more than 15 years ago while they worked at different legal representation firms. They made a deal after what they said was checking their egos. Damien Granderson recalls how they decided to collaborate and brainstorm with their clients. This seems to be a sensational time for their firm. They have thus far generated significant traffic online and have a great deal of respect among their peers.


In addition, the law firm led by the Entertainment Lawyer Damien Granderson  hired other like-minded coworkers. This outstanding group mainly consisted of homegrown lawyers with excellent skills in all aspects of entertainment law (Stoonybrook). 


Mostly they were only law students. They began from junior associates, associates, and finally partners. Damien was able to gather more than 18 lawyers. This seems to be a great start. According to Damien Granderson, the firm’s greatest treasure lies in interaction. They interact with their clients to ensure comfort and that their cases are handled superbly. The team’s interaction helps them be creative and gives fresh ideas in the creative process.