Greg Blatt’s Career Insight On What Businesses Should Do To Thrive 

Greg Blatt is among the most prominent people in the world for his long-term experience in technology. He has created a significant impact in the online dating sector and the law industry. After graduating from college with a business administration course, this investor persuaded his passion of becoming an entrepreneur in different ways. At first, it was a bit difficult to secure a permanent job. He, therefore, took over off jobs across the world, gathering diverse experiences. Some of his jobs included working in a bar or even in a restaurant.

Career Experience

Greg Blatt decided to further his studies and try the new line of work. After graduating with a law degree, he secured a contract with Martha Stewart. In this corporation, Greg served a significant role providing general counsel to different clients. Years later, he had created a significant network line. The IAC matching group consulted him to help return the company to its previous glory.

Greg Blatt saw an opportunity to utilize earned skills and give them the best. He explains that Working for this online dating company is the best opportunity for his career. He serves as the CEO providing insight on various projects.


Greg Blatt has made a significant reputation during his tenure in this company. He has provided clients with a platform to match with different people. His responsibility is providing ways to increase its logistics through which the company can increase its logistics. He has integrated new systems in Tinder, Match Group, and IAC, ensuring that they no longer face any hardships.

This CEO urges his colleagues to have a strong team behind them to excel. After joining this company, Greg found a team of professionals to help accomplish set objectives. He also advocates entrepreneurs to have a plan when investing to avoid risks in the future. He has excelled as a leader and entrepreneur creating a reputation in online dating sites. Click here to learn more.


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Roland Dickey Jr accomplishment at BBQ franchise

Roland Dickey Jr works as the CEO of the Dickeys BBQ Franchise. The company has been in operations for more than 80 years where they have grown to reach almost all states in the United States. They take different measures to ensure they avail the best services to customers. Their ability to avail top quality services has made people across the globe know them. They are dedicated to offering top quality services that meet the needs of different customers. Serving top quality food has attracted many people to the restaurants.

An article entitled “CEO Spotlight: Roland Dickey Jr”, talks about what it’s like to run a family business by mixing innovation with tradition.

World’s largest BBQ franchise

To serve more customers, the company has grown to reach different parts of the country. Their innovative growth strategies have made them recognized among the fastest-growing BBQ franchises in the world. Their different measures made them stand out in offering top quality services in their operations. They are known to stand out in availing top quality food. Many customers are pleased after eating at the restaurant. Read this article for additional information.

500 locations spread across 43 states

Led by Roland Dickey Jr, the company has grown to have more than 500 locations spread across the United States. Each time they open a new restaurant, they employ the best practices to ensure they provide top-quality food that meets their needs. They are dedicated to availing the best food that serves many people’s needs across the country.

Sustainable growth of Dickeys BBQ franchise

As a way of making the company stand the test of time, Roland Jr employs sustainable growth. Since he took leadership at the company, several measures he has come up with have worked towards growing the company.

Roland Dickey Jr Net Worth is a skilled leader who implements the best strategies to grow the company over time. He is dedicated to achieving great success in his career. Roland Dickey Jr’s several steps have worked to grow the company.


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The Story Of Larry Baer

The Giants have been dominating the baseball industry in the past two decades. The sports industry is among the most competitive in the American society, and it has attracted numerous teams in the recent years. The popularity and performance of The Giants team can only be attributed to one professional, Larry Baer. The businessman and communication expert loves sports ever since he was a very young boy.

The family background had a role to play in the life of the billionaire. Larry Baer found his family supporting the Giants when he was growing. Giants CEO, however, had no idea that he was going to become the owner and leader of the great team.

When it was time to become the chief executive officer of the American baseball team, everything changed towards the best direction. For three years, the team got the first position in the country, and everyone loved to be associated with Larry and his team. The Giants CEO’s love for fitness and sports is evident in his everyday life too.

When chief executive directors from various companies reach their offices ready to work, Larry takes some time in the morning to work out. This fitness regime happens even during the weekends when other people are choosing to rest. The SF Giants CEO appreciates the kind of life he has chosen for his team and his family.

The great Oracle Park in the United States couldn’t be operating and changing lives if Larry Baer did not get involved in its construction. When setting up the large and extraordinary park, Larry used his skills in the sports section to set up a place that would impress players, fans and every other individual involved in the industry

Numerous games take place at this great park because of the excellent features it has to offer. The Giants team enjoys this park too. Go to this page for additional information.


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Qnet, The World’s Leading Direct Selling Company


QNET is an online e-commerce company with its extensions globally, serving its customers with high-quality products and services. In return, they transform their customers’ lives by offering them solutions by providing them with unique services and products that best suit their needs. Their presence all over the globe has helped build micro-entrepreneurs in the growing economies. QNET unites people from all over the world through a trade where millions of customers are satisfied.

QNET operates on a direct selling market basis, where the producer sells their products directly to the customers, eliminating all the other middlemen. In return, this leads to an increased demand for goods and services and at lower prices. Additionally, direct selling leads to huge business-to-business connections opening a wider market for their products.

Direct selling happens in 3 different ways as discussed below,

  1. Single-Level Marketing

This is a direct sale where the seller makes customized goods to his customers other than producing goods for a direct selling team. Furthermore, the seller aims at a certain market to ensure that he has captured it, sold his products, and got direct feedback

  1. Party Plan Marketing

This is where you invite like-minded people or a party and tell them to try out your products among have fun. Those selling household items commonly use this kind of selling. Out of party plan marketing, direct selling has hugely benefited by creating networks.

  1. Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-Level Marketing is where direct sellers encourage other individuals to market and directly sell their products instead of hiring employees. This creates employment opportunities for other people. This is one of the best methods to ensure that your product reaches thousands of customers.Go to this page for related information.

The traders practicing direct selling succeed within a short time since this business structure model requires only a little capital to start and requires great determination to succeed. The only remedy is to create an extensive network, and as the network expands, more flow of credible goods and services leads to a constant flow of funds. However, direct selling provides products to customers and creates a channel of income for the unemployed.


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Citizen App Continues To Hit The Global Headlines As It Seeks To Keep People Situationally Aware And Safe


In the current world, it is extremely hard to live without information and news. Technological companies across the globe are working relentlessly to invent real-time news platforms. Security is a major concern across the globe and people all over the world are looking to invest in apps that can keep them and their loved ones safe. Citizen App seeks to make sure that people and their loved ones stay situationally aware and safe. The app started its life in New York in 2016 as Vigilante.

However, after 48 hours of its launch, the Apple Company pulled it down citing that it promoted user vigilantism.

Citizen App’s main aim is to help people avoid potentially dangerous circumstances rather than being part of them. Since its launch, the app has severally hit the headlines.

One instance is when a boy in Manhattan was abducted and found. Additionally, in 2019 when there was an inferno at Trump Tower located in Manhattan, it was established that 34 users live-streamed the occurrence using Citizen App. Citizen App works like police scanner apps, where the public is opened up to the emergency response system. The app uses radio antennas across main cities to monitor communication relayed by 911.

Citizen App has employed various professionals who are tasked with filtering and screening communications to create precise and factual alerts. These alerts are then relayed to users within a quarter mile or less from where the incidence occurred. Currently, the app is available on Android and iOS and covers 22 major cities. These cities include Tucson, Toledo, Stockton, the San Francisco Bay Area, the Phoenix Metro Area, San Diego, New York City, Philadelphia, Miami-Dade County, Minneapolis, Houston, Indianapolis, Columbus, Detroit, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Charlotte, Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore, and Austin. One of the greatest advantages of Citizen App is that it treats users equally regardless of their social status.


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Steph Korey Develops A Suitcase That Everyone Loves

If you want to know what makes a great suitcase, just ask Steph Korey. An innovator and businesswoman, Steph Korey is most known for founding a truly incredible luggage brand known as Away. Here’s everything you need to know about this prominent businesswoman and her company.


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The inspiration for Steph Korey’s brand started when her friend’s suitcase broke. Her friend was instantly faced with a dilemma: Should she buy a luxury suitcase or another cheap one? Korey and her friend talked for a while about the challenges of finding a high-quality, durable suitcase. Does one even exist?

Steph Korey soon decided that she would develop the best suitcase on the market. The first thing that she did was perform a market study. What are people’s traveling habits? What are some things that people don’t like about their current suitcase? After talking with many people, Korey quickly realized that most people did not like paying a lot of money to check their luggage. If the suitcase weighed a little less, they wouldn’t have to pay more to check their luggage.

With this important insight in mind, Korey developed the Away luggage. This innovative luggage is light-weight, making it extremely easy to carry. The Away luggage is also really durable, so the wheels and zippers are unlikely to break.

Many people love the Away luggage because they can use it to charge their phone. The product’s charging dock is extremely convenient for frequent flyers. When people travel, they don’t want their phone to be dead. Korey took people’s concerns into consideration.

Today, the Away luggage is one of the most popular brands on the market. The product is highly recommended for people who want a durable luggage that will last for a long time. Keep in mind that this luggage is only composed of high-quality materials.

M Patrick Carroll’s Efforts in Philanthropy

For the last fifteen years, M Patrick Carroll has been the CEO of CARROLL. CARROLL is a real estate and development company based in Tennessee. Even then, the company is widely known in the USA as it extends its services to many parts of the country. M Patrick Carroll had never thought of being in the real estate industry. Advice from his mentor drove him into taking advantage of the opportunities in the real estate industry. Renovating and flipping homes was his first task in the industry. At 27, he had acquired enough capital to create a house development unit.

As Patrick continues to climb the ladder in his career, there is something he has never forgotten. Giving back to the community. He is one of the leading givers globally, contributing to over 50 charitable organizations. Patrick is empathetic with people who face different crises, and some of the significant areas include health, early childhood development, and general wellness.

Here are areas where M Patrick Carroll participates in giving.

  1. He partners with Habitat for Humanity. This organization helps low-income families get a place they call home. They can either build a home from scratch or renovate a home that seems to be in a poor state.
  2. Food donation. Patrick partners with different organizations and government authorities to combat hunger. He has donated food in Tampa, Denver, Texas, and Florida, among other food banks in America.
  3. Inspiration. Not only does Patrick Carroll help in finances, but he also helps raise a great generation. Through his giving, many young people get inspired and know the right thing to do. That is proactively bringing a positive change in society.
  4. Covid-19 donations. Many families, including Patrick’s employees, were affected. Patrick developed a strategy to send a gift card to each of his employees that got the infection. He also sent donations to his local community and families experiencing hunger in Ukraine.


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