Yacht Enthusiast Juan Monteverde

Juan Monteverde yacht enthusiast has lived by the water his whole life. His father is a very accomplished boater and now owns a 50-foot sailboat. His father taught him the basics of boating; teaching Monteverde about knots, the water, wind, etc. Juan Monteverde had spent his summers boating at the Barcelona yacht club as he was a member there. As a teenager, he would navigate the Mediterranean Sea where his families summer beach house is was located. During his senior year, he decided to make the drastic decision of moving from Spain to Santa Monica, California. There he completed his undergraduate. While in college, he had plans to be a stockbroker and majored in finance; but that all changed. In order to pay for what he needed, Monteverde took a job at a law firm in California.

During his time at the law firm, he was asked to participate in a two-week court case. His firm won and gave justice to two immigrants who had been defrauded by a developer. After that, he knew his passion was law. Immediately he began searching for law schools. His original plan was to move to New York, but suddenly he was offered a scholarship in Florida. He realized he would be studying for his dream job while being right by the ocean, so he jumped at the chance. There he got a job at global legal practice Diaz Reus and focused on his studies. A few years later Monteverde decided to make the move to New York. There he took on a job at the firm Farugi & Faruqi. He finally saved enough to buy him his first yacht, it was a 26-foot Monterey. He founded Monteverde & Associates Pc, this was a shareholder advocate. By doing this, Juan Monteverde was able to put together thw two things he enjoyed doing the most- law and the stock market.

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IM Academy: Digital Forex Education Online Back

Since the start of IM Academy in 2013, the company has been committed to creating a unique online educational experience for its students. Recognized as one of the best places to learn about Forex Trading, IM is also expanding its curriculum to include other financial topics desired by its community.

The company’s products and services provide key advice on how new traders and investors can plan their trades and succeed outside traditional markets. IM Academy is passionate about ensuring that its students are well-informed, confident, and excited to enter the world of financial investment.

IM Academy provides a wide array of benefits for its students and its community. The company is dedicated to providing global investors with accessible, relevant and timely financial advice. IM offers educational content that is flexible and dynamic based on the changing nature of the currency market. Members have access to exclusive videos, Webinars and interactive events led by the best experts in forex trading to help them make smarter decisions regarding currency investments.

Additionally, IM Academy emphasizes technical analysis, a key pillar of profitable currency trading. Technical analysis helps users to understand market dynamics and make educated investment decisions.

Users have access to a database that stores thousands of charts that are easily accessible for users at any time, from anywhere in the world. The extensive database allows students to make complex market evaluations before making major investment decisions.

Additionally, IM Academy offers training videos designed by experienced educators and traders who share their real-world trading methods with students around the globe.

IM offers courses in 13 languages. The company is excited to expand its global presence and help more investors worldwide find success in the foreign exchange market.

Based in New York, the company has successfully offered a range of courses to its students. The company is run by executives who have had more than 20 years of experience in the forex field. In addition, to live training and webinars with expert mentors and educators, IM offers its students access to invaluable resources customized to their individual needs. Click here to learn more.


Visit their YouTube channel on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfDxfhB8wp0uymmfhxr3zMg



IM Academy

An online business school for beginners, traditional traders, and enthusiasts who want to develop their skills in the financial markets. It combines an intensive educational experience that includes interactive lessons, GoLive interactive sessions, helpful resources, and access to a network of like-minded individuals worldwide. It offers students a wide range of learning resources, including quizzes and tests that provide instant feedback on whether learners are on the right path or need to make adjustments.


  1. About IM Academy

It is a new online educational business founded by forex experts Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre. Using the combined years of experience in trading and education, they wanted to start something that could help their clients grow in knowledge and confidence. It has become a business that is helping to transform lives by providing individuals with the tools and methods to help them achieve financial freedom.


  1. IM Academy Products

IM Academy is unique in its website and offers three different products available to investors. Developers of the academy understand that every single person has a different financial goal, investment style, and risk profile. To help meet these needs, the business offers three core products based on the development needs of each individual.


  1. Pricing for IM Academy’s Educational Services

It offers forex testing services. By taking one of IM Academy online tests, learners can assess their current knowledge within the financial markets and hone their skills with live trading sessions. Beginners can take a practice test to identify any areas of weakness and then continue to take tests until they have a complete understanding of the financial markets.

It allows the investors to improve their skills and knowledge in the financial markets. The company offers three services for those who want to advance their financial knowledge and trading abilities. See related link for more information.


Learn more about IM Academy on https://im.academy/

Jason Hope on Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency has grown in popularity as the next major global phenomenon in recent years, but there’s still a lot to learn about this emerging technology. Not only Bitcoin, but practically all cryptocurrencies saw their prices plummet following a statement on the Chinese Banking Association and its website that warned financial institutions against utilizing digital currencies because of their volatility. Jason Hope explains that Cryptocurrency’s Promise For eCommerce Digital currencies are more important than ever in the booming eCommerce business. 


Both businesses and customers prefer to pay using crypto coins rather than credit cards, owing to decreased online transaction fees for eCommerce sites. Online Transactions That Are Safe Jason Hope, a leading futurology expert, says that businesses will soon demand a more secure online transaction system.


Philanthropist Jason Hope


Particularly to gain their customers’ trust. Putting Money Into The Future according to Jason Hope. He is adamant about why and how cryptocurrencies will increase the number of investment alternatives available to entrepreneurs. He believes that traditional private capital fundraising methods are no longer viable because digital currency investments may provide a lot more for early-stage enterprises with significant growth potential.


Due to his experience, activist investor and philanthropist Jason Hope comments that It’s Getting Easier to Raise Capital Without a Question, raising funding for early-stage startups has always been difficult. But these digital currencies are set to make it easier than ever. With the ICOs, startups may now quickly obtain funds from a large pool of global investors at a low cost. When a firm raises funds, the market reacts quickly, and that’s when share trading begins.


On Seeing the Big Picture, activist investor and philanthropist Jason Hope What the rest of the world is seeing right now is cryptocurrency volatility. This is largely to blame for Bitcoin’s recent price decline. However, because Jason is always looking at the broader picture, he believes that bitcoin will transform future enterprises on a whole new level. Despite the price dip, large corporations such as Square and Twitter remain strong supporters of Bitcoin.

Summary of Jason Hughes, CEO and chairman of firm – Hughes Marino



Jason Hughes is the founder and CEO of Hughes Marino. It is a company based out of San Diego, California that has been in operation for over three decades specializing in tenant representation. The professional Jason Hughes completed his schooling at Pepperdine University with a B.S. in business administration and received his MBA from the University of San Diego. 


Some of the services offered at Hughes Marino include lease auditing, program management, buyer representation, tenant representation, lease accounting, culture consulting, and much more. Successful CEO and entrepreneur Jason Hughes from Hughes Marino has vast experience in the business sector and has even been featured on television for it. 


CEO and entrepreneur Jason Hughes launched his firm in the early 1990s and has since expanded it across the west coast. One of his passions is preventing child abuse as he serves on the Child Abuse Prevention Foundation


Viewpoint on the commercial brokerage industry


Jason Hughes of Hughes Marino believes the brokerage industry has rapidly changed over the past 30 years. He states although it offers many opportunities and financial independence, it also comes with a lot of risks. 

He believes those with the most success must have ambition, charisma, intelligence, and a strong work ethic. The business expert and mentor coach states he has had the pleasure to work with many amazing brokers throughout his career. For Jason Hughes, people must be willing to innovate and adapt. Jason Hughes believes it is not all about the years of experience.