Robert Kraft Owner, The New England Patriots

Ever since Robert Kraft purchased the New England Patriots, he’s become an integral player in the NFL. He’s been lauded for his experience and stewardship of one of the most beloved football teams in America. But how did he manage to turn a team who had finished below .500 six times in nine years into a model franchise that has won three Super Bowls?

In this post, we’ll take you step-by-step through his ownership and how he turned the Pats from cellar dwellers to champions.

How Robert Kraft Became an NFL Owner

Robert Kraft was born in 1936. He grew up in the affluent neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio, not far from the university that would become his alma mater, Ohio State University. There he played football and basketball before graduating with a degree in marketing.

After graduation, Robert Kraft found work at Bulova Watch Company. He took the job after literally running into the owner of the watch company, who was looking for someone to help him manage his team.

Kraft’s next job would come with a twist. Kraft was hired by Ted Williams, who was still playing baseball in retirement. He was given administrator of all things related to the Red Sox and soon became de facto manager of the team, allowing Williams to focus on his final year in the league. After Williams retired, Kraft would assume Williams’ title as president of the Red Sox.

In 1986, Robert Kraft purchased the New England Patriots, who had just finished their second consecutive last place season.

How Robert Kraft Turned the Pats Around

Kraft’s first order of business was to fire his predecessor’s head coach, Bob Simmons. He took over himself and implemented a new offense that featured a lot of running and no-huddle play. The Patriots’ offense under Kraft became known as “Pat Patriot”, which sounds like something you’d find in Dr. Seuss stories. Refer to this page for more information.


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Raffaele Riva

AUREA Multi-Family Office, established in 2008 by Riva, oversees a number of subsidiaries, including the Swiss enterprises Aurea Gestioni Patrimoniali SA and Aurea Consulenti Association SA. Riva retains an active role in these subsidiary firms, coordinating key discussions and acquisitions and monitoring private sector investment.

Raffaele Riva was born in Naples, Italy on March 21, 1938. He is the son of environmental engineer Giovanni Riva. He graduated from the University of Naples with a degree in engineering and science in 1959. That year he was also named to the national fencing team and sent to compete at the 1960 Rome Olympic Games.

In 1964 Riva entered a joint venture between his father’s company, Società Italiana siderurgica Titanica, and American firm U.S. Steel to build a steel mill near Naples; however, neither company invested funds or shareholders’ capital into the project, so it never came to fruition.

Raffaele Riva’s firm Aurea SGR, an Italian asset management firm, launched the Aurea Freedom Fund in 1994. In 2006, Aurea reported that assets under management had increased from €20 million to €200 million. The company has 10% market share of all real estate investment funds in Italy, and continues to expand operations across Europe and the United States. In 2010, Riva announced that a second real estate fund would be launched later that year.

Raffaele Riva gained government approval for his financial plans on March 11, 2012. He plans to invest 1 billion euros in Italy through 2017 and “turn around 30 companies”. He has promised to strengthen the country’s defense industry and manufacturing sector in addition to investing in real estate.

Raffaele Riva is married to Mara Cova, and has three children: Andrea, Filippo, and Ottavia. His son Andrea serves as deputy chairman of Aurea’s management committee. His sister Celeste is the wife of film producer Vittorio Cecchi Gori. Refer to this page for more information.


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Launch House Expanding To Contribute Growth To The Business Community

The last few years have been difficult for many companies, especially startups. The changes in conditions have tested the structure of business operations. With changes to operational systems, the type of funding needed to help a business grow has changed. There is also the need for other resources outside of finances.

Launch House was formed as a platform to assist emerging leaders in business. Helping these leaders grow creates stability in the business community. A strong business community helps to provide resources for consumers and revenue to entrepreneurs.

House Capital started as a Pre-Seed and Seed venture capital firm that provides financial assistance to companies in their beginning stages. The founders of House Capital, Brett Goldstein, Jacob Peters, and Michael Houck, created a community consisting of the founders of other businesses. With the intent to establish a network capable of providing information guidance and funding for new companies. Building a venture arm expands the resources and outlets within the business community.

Every business may go through a period where they may not know the best way to meet the needs of growing demand or how to market themselves for a higher level of exposure. With a $10M debut fund from House Capital, Launch House can work with companies within and outside the community. The benefits of being a member of the Launch House community are unlimited access to digital cohort-based courses, fundraising support, and executive coaching opportunities.

Also, there’s access to co-working clubhouses in key cities. The goal is to create authentic relationships that foster learning and professional development rather than transactional networking opportunities. The two underlying funds of House Capital, the venture partnership, allow for the solicitation of investments from additional accredited LPs. A valuable element in creating a shift towards an ownership-based economy.

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Sales through Independent Business Owners- IM Academy

IM Academy is an online digital forex school that operates through its website. The IM website is the main existence, and it is the only place where the group’s clients and Independent Business Owners can access the services offered by the forex academy. The forex academy is an institution that cares about its customers and the quality of services they offer. Recently, the training organization noted that even though the Academy has included the Independent Business Owners on their website, the page has been placed on the website incorrectly, and its customers should know that the Independent Business Owners are not a training program or services offered by the digital training company.

IM Academy noted that if anyone wants to become part of the Independent Business Owners, they will have to do a separate registration different from that of the customers’ services and products. The organization’s management is aware that the presence of Independent Business Owners on the website needs to be clarified, and it is in the process of making revisions to the site.

 Chargers of the Educational Packages

IM Academy has four units used to educate its customers, known as academies. If you wish to learn forex education through IM, you must register the academies with the US $234 as the initial cost of each academies and a fee of US 174 that is paid monthly. The charges by the Academy do not include the VAT, and they are sold in US dollars.  It teaches students the basics of forex trading through video modules and GoLive sessions, which tend to be interactive, presentations, and course notes.

 The Sales Plan and Business Opportunities

Christopher Terry and Isis Torre are the founders of the Academy; the financial experts have developed a well-organized working plan for the organization. The training facility works through networking and multi-level promotion. The IM Academy works through independent representatives known as Independent Business Owners who are responsible for selling the company’s products and services. Independent Business Owners can take advantage of their positions and create a sales team. The IM Academy pays the Independent Business Owners on commission because they are not staff of the Academy. For more information, click .


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 Marwan Kheireddine

The Lebanese banker discussed ways to improve its economy and to be able to finance the reconstruction process. He also discussed the political crisis in Lebanon and how it might affect its economic and financial stability.” Lebanon is an economy that is not robust, has too heavy a weight in the public sector, is too dependent on external support, with no real new investments coming into Lebanon.” said Marwan Kheireddine.

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Marwan Kheireddine also declared that “despite all of our difficulties … we have been able to maintain stability,”.improve its economy, and to be able to finance the reconstruction process. He also discussed the political crisis in Lebanon and how it might affect its economic and financial stability.” Lebanon is an economy that is not robust, has too heavy a weight in the public sector, is too dependent on external support, with no real new investments coming into Lebanon,” said Marwan Kheireddine.

  1. Personal Life

Marwan Kheireddine is a Lebanese banker born in Beirut, Lebanon, on April 16, 1971. He completed his Secondary Education at the French Lycee Du Parc Saint Michel and his Baccalaureate with honors. In 1990, Marwan obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Political Science, followed by a Master’s Degree in Business Law from the University of Lyon III. In 1994 he earned his Master of Business Administration (MBA) with Distinction from the American University of Beirut. During this time, Marwan also played for the Lebanese national volleyball team and trained at the Olympic Committee training center for eight months.

  1. Political Career

Marwan began his active political career in 2005 as a member of the Higher Reform Committee. Later in 2005, he became a founding member of the Future Movement, an opposition party. Marwan is also part of the Lebanese coalition known as the March 8 Alliance, which comprises six political parties: The Free Patriotic Movement, Kataeb Party, Alleaned Forces, Geagea Forces, and Hezbollah.

Bernard Acoca

Bernard Acoca, the Zaxby’s CEO is a quick and innovative leader in the culinary world. He has successfully led companies, including PepsiCo, Cypress Creek Coffee, Cocoa-Cola, and Kraft Foods, to name a few.

Bernard is a Hero because of his ability to harness technology and usher in new trends in the food industry and other industries. He has led companies, including Pepsi, Starbucks and Coca-Cola, and Kraft Foods, to name a few, in successful endeavors.

Bernard is a Hero because he successfully brought technology into the culinary world by being the first to introduce “Taste Makers” to Kraft Foods. The Taste Maker program was an opportunity for consumers and chefs alike to engage in product development through tasting sessions and recipe creation via computer networking. It allowed consumers to be involved in product development as part of a large and passionate industry.

Bernard Acoca is a Hero because he introduced the concept of unique flavor blending that would appeal to food industry professionals and consumers. This concept allowed for an interesting new way of creating innovative products that are real in all senses of the word. Instead of building, it was possible to taste certain combinations that allow consumers to experience new tastes while feeling they’re getting value for money. This was possible because the packages were more flexible and innovative, allowing for different ways they are packaged and consumed.

Zaxby’s CEO John “JR” Horst named Acoca the company’s chief executive in June 2004. During his tenure, Acoca has led Zaxby’s growth from 300 to over 900 restaurants and delivered a stock price gain of almost 800 percent. Bernard Acoca is now the CEO of Intimate Brands, Inc., parent company of The Blackstone Group-backed boudoir apparel retailer Lingerie (company), EdenFantasys, and Weddingstar.

He was hired to expand their national footprint and continue the rapid growth both brands have seen over the past few years. Refer to this article for related information.


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Learn more about Dante Labs

Dante Labs is an advanced genetic testing and analysis company that provides individuals with access to their DNA data. Founded in 2016, they uses the latest technological advancements to provide consumers with an unprecedented level of insight into their genetic makeup. Through the use of proprietary techniques, the company offers a variety of products and services including health screenings, ancestry testing, and personalized medicine.

For health, they offer genetic testing for over 4,700 medically-relevant genes to identify inherited conditions and their risk factors. Ancestry tests can be used to find ancestors from around the world and learn about one’s unique heritage. Their personalized medicine services provide individuals with customized diets, lifestyle plans, and supplementation recommendations tailored to their specific DNA profile.

The company prides itself on providing individuals with the most accurate and up-to-date results. All of their tests are performed in CLIA Certified Laboratories, and they take every precaution to ensure that customers’ data is secure and private. They are committed to helping people understand the genetic code that makes them unique, so that they can make smarter decisions about their health and well-being. By providing individuals with access to their genetic information, Dante Labs helps people take control of their own health destiny.

By utilizing the latest technologies and techniques, the lab is bringing the power of genetics into people’s lives in ways that were once unimaginable. Through advanced DNA testing, they are revolutionizing how individuals understand their health and ancestry, and helping them make better decisions for a healthier future. With them, the possibilities are limitless.

They are improving the nutritional, medical, and lifestyle decisions of their customers by providing them with valuable information about their genetic makeup. In this way, they are helping to revolutionize the future of personalized medicine. Through advanced technology and analysis, they are providing individuals with the tools they need to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

Launch House

In today’s world, it is more important than ever to have access to the most current information to make the best decisions for your business. Only the most innovative, social, and tech-savvy companies succeed. It is about taking what you know and helping you take it to the next level. It gives you the tools to succeed in a way that ensures your success and helps others achieve.

What is Launch House?

Launch House is a non-profit organization where people who want to launch a new project but need help come together and brainstorm solutions. The program includes events, start-up courses, web design, coding, marketing, and social media workshops. They also have support from mentors and offer free office space for the first six months of their project.

It is what you make of it. With a large community behind them, many start-up companies have used their services to get off the ground. Their tools are free to use and help provide a platform for local businesses that more giant corporations would otherwise overshadow.


Launch House was founded in 2009 by Clara Margarida and Dave Nichols. With the help of friends, they assisted with launching eight start-ups in three months. The success of the programs led them to expand and use their skills by mentoring other start-ups. They have helped over 30 start-up companies get off the ground.

In addition to offering support in their office facilities, it organizes workshops and mentoring events for their local community It also has a new program to help people launch their businesses through the program. This program runs in conjunction with the London Business School.

It created the Launch Pad in partnership with the London Business School. The Launch Pad is a 12-week online video-based business skills training course. It aims at individuals who have an idea for a business and want to get it off the ground. The training grounds you in all areas of ‘business basics,’ including marketing and sales, revenue models, financial management, legal issues, and more.

Launch House has a lot to offer. They are there to provide start-up companies with a helping hand in the early stages and continue to work with them until they establish. Their success rate proves that the Launch House method works, and with over 50% of their clients making profits from their businesses within six months of launch, it’s an opportunity that one shouldn’t pass up. Visit this page for related information.


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Bhanu Choudhrie: leading provider of commercial helicopter services

Alpha Aviation Group is a leading provider of commercial helicopter services in the United States. The company offers rotor-wing transportation, aeromedical transport, construction, and maintenance services to various industries, including energy, manufacturing, infrastructure, and aviation. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, with service centers located throughout the Midwest and Gulf Coast regions, the company prioritizes availability to get you where you need to be when you need it.

Bhanu Choudhrie is the founder and managing director of Alpha Aviation Group. He started his flight training in India, graduated from the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore with a degree in aeronautics and astronautics, and later obtained his commercial pilot’s license from the Royal Canadian College of Aviation. Under Bhanu Choudhrie, Alpha Aviation Group has become the leading provider of helicopter services in the US.

Pilot Training

The group offers a comprehensive pilot training program through its training center. Alpha Aviation’s flight training program includes the following courses: commercial pilot, instrument rating, complex/high-performance endorsements, type rating, and instructor pilot.

  1. Commercial Pilot

The commercial pilot course is designed to prepare the student for a career in helicopter operations. The training includes 75 hours of intense ground school that provides 45 hours of aircraft familiarization and 30 hours of instruction time in the actual aircraft. The flight training syllabus comprises 100 hours and includes multi-engine, instrument, and night ratings with instructor oversight.

  1. Instrument Rating

Alpha Aviation offers a complete “on-aircraft” type rated instrument training program to prepare the student for flying at night and in instrument conditions.

  1. Type Rating

A type rating program is designed to prepare the student for flight under certain conditions, such as night flying or with hired pilots. The type rating course consists of 40 hours on various flight simulators and 30 hours on actual aircraft. The training addresses all facets of operating the helicopter safely and provides training on handling emergencies. Bhanu Choudhrie is the key factor in Alpha Aviation’s success. Bhanu Choudhrie has developed Alpha Aviation into a company desired by industry leaders throughout the US and abroad.

Mark Hauser Discusses How Private Equity Investments Work

Private equity investments enable investors to share a company’s profits by buying shares or other securities. Private equity investments are typically grouped into funds managed by professional investment managers. They can. They can be marketed as a way for individual investors to participate in significant equity markets without buying one share of every company.

The search for information about private equity investing is growing at an unprecedented rate. But with thousands of investment choices available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused about the best way to get started using private equity investments.

In this article, Mark Hauser discusses how private equity investments work. Mark Hauser has over 20 years of experience in the financial industry and is a trusted personal equity expert.

How Private Equity Investments Work

  1. Private equity investments enable investors to share a company’s profits by buying shares or other securities. Private equity investments are typically grouped into funds managed by professional investment managers. They can be marketed as a way for individual investors to participate in significant equity markets without buying one share of every company.


  1. Private equity funds manage a portfolio of companies but don’t do it independently. Instead, they rely on their team of investment managers to select companies and assist them in raising funds. They also provide financial advisory services to portfolio companies.


  1. Private equity funds are composed of several private equity firms. There can be many different firms inside a fund. Still, each one works on behalf of other partners in the same fund to manage the investments, provide financial advisory services, and deal with any disputes that arise during the asset management process.


  1. Private equity investment companies choose their investments based on their criteria. Sometimes, this means buying a minority stake in a public company. Public stocks are bought and sold on open market exchanges, meaning anyone can buy and sell shares. In other cases, it means acquiring majority ownership in a company through a leveraged buyout.


According to Mark Hauser, private equity investments are a way for investors to get returns beyond typical market rates by purchasing investments that pay out when the company’s revenues exceed its expenses or have any other form of producing income. A portfolio of private equity investments can provide a greater return than individual stocks over time because a greater number of different companies are included.