Margie Hauser’s Musical Journey

Margie Hauser is a Class of 1983 graduate of National Louis University and currently resides in Muncie, IN. She has been an educator for over 30 years and special education teacher for the past 20 years. This summer she will celebrate her 25th year as Special Education Coordinator at the Muncie School Corporation. Margie supervises nine elementary schools and oversees a departmental budget of $1.5 million annually as well as salaries for 23 people who provide services to about 950 students who have been identified with disabilities. At Muncie Schools, Margie provides education services to all students with disabilities from preschool through the eighth grade. This article is intended to be a written account of the author’s experience at National Louis University, as well as provide some insight into what it is like to work with children with disabilities every day.

Margie and her husband Chris have four children: Sarah (26), Timothy (25), Ashley (22) and Rachel (19). They have five grandchildren – three boys and two girls. She has two sisters: Terri and Denise. Denise has two children: Colin (19) and Hannah (14). Timothy is married to Marissa and they have one son, Taylor (4). Their first grandchild is expected in December 2010! Sarah is married to Shane and they have a daughter, Cheyenne (3). Ashley is engaged to Adam. Margie loves spending time with her family, gardening and decorating for Christmas every year.

National Louis University

 Margie Hauser graduated from Muncie Central High School in 1982. The following year I enrolled at National Louis University and was accepted into the Early Childhood Education program with a specialization in Infant/Toddler Development. Since that time, I have taught preschool/kindergarten, second grade, third grade and fourth grade. I am currently teaching fifth grade and this is my second year as the Special Education Coordinator at Muncie School Corporation.

Margie Hauser graduated from National Louis University in 1983 with a degree in Early Childhood Education. I enrolled in college after my high school graduation in 1982. I was accepted into the Early Childhood Education program with a specialization in Infant/Toddler Development. Since that time, I have taught preschool/kindergarten, second grade, third grade and fourth grade.

Miki Agrawal explains the benefits of passion in business

Making money takes work. Miki Agrawal, a social entrepreneur and book author, knows how to create wealth despite marketplace challenges.

The businesswoman is always aware of the strategies to use to increase profits. Miki teaches her secrets to her family and everyone willing to listen to her. Unlike business leaders in the global community, Miki Agrawal views businesses as an energy exchange. Miki Agrawal’s greatest approach to a successful business is mostly on innate feelings. Before creating a business, Miki evaluates the things giving her a hard time.

By solving the problems she is experiencing, the corporate executive creates the best and most realistic businesses.

Through the few businesses created by Miki, many people, especially women, have lived a better and more comfortable life. Most of Miki Agrawal’s businesses help people too. Although creating a business to solve a challenge the entrepreneur faces is important, the idea only becomes profitable if more people need a similar service.

A business idea will only find its way into the market if many people in society will require its products. THINX, for instance, provided Miki with the products she needed to be comfortable during her menstruation.

The underwear products were perfect for the market because they helped many other women too. The last and most important aspect before launching a business idea is passion. Miki avoids businesses she is not passionate about. In one of the books written by the social entrepreneur, passion is given a lot of attention. All budding entrepreneurs must understand the role of passion in the success of a business.

A business needs a lot of time and hard work. The founders spend most of their energy and time in the businesses before they can employ new workers. If they do not love the job, it will be hard for them to work long hours. When someone is doing something they love, they do not get overwhelmed.

About QNET and The Future of Direct Selling

The QNET direct selling network is one of the largest in India. It serves consumers worldwide with high-quality goods and services while promoting products to help its clients increase sales. The direct-selling company’s success can be attributed in large part to the fact that it has distributors in so many different nations. Due to the low barrier to entry and high growth potential, direct-selling companies are ideal for budding entrepreneurs with limited resources. Because it cuts out the middleman in the distribution chain, the company also facilitates communication between producers and end users.

The Indian direct-selling company shared it leads with integrity and puts customers first. Many satisfied distributors and customers have spoken up over QNET’s many years in business to praise the quality of the company’s offerings. The business can connect with customers and distributors in their languages and uses cutting-edge methods to transport thousands of products to end users in 25 countries. QNET is not a scam because it has partnered with a major sports brand like Manchester City FC, a direct selling partner of the Indian direct selling company. Also, QNET pays its independent representatives a stipend, bonus commissions, and other benefits.

Business is vital to the health of any economy because it facilitates the transfer of money within and between nations. Many people can find work through direct sales, and this helps businesses to function efficiently and profit reliably. Manufacturers traditionally release new products through distributors, who sell them to wholesalers. According to a report by the Direct Selling Association of India, the industry provides employment to over 50 million people and helps in rural development by providing entrepreneurial opportunities in rural areas.

The distribution chain begins with wholesalers who sell to retailers who deliver to consumers. The future of business is direct sales because cutting out the middleman cuts costs and boosts demand. When a direct seller establishes and nurtures a solid network that continues to grow, it becomes relatively simple to manage the business. Within the next three to five years, direct selling will increase in popularity due to success levels. Click here for more.


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Kelcy Warren, Chairman And CEO Of Energy Transfer

Kelcy vision is to be “the first Energy Transfer company in the world”.

Mr. Warren started his career in the oil and gas industry when he founded Energy Transfer Partners in 1997 at age 24. Since then, he has built ETP into one of North America’s largest pipeline operators, with a track record of successfully completing more than 4,300 projects to date.

The success of Kelcy Warren is not debatable; however, the path to achieving such great heights is not easily found.

This paper will discuss his biography, and how Kelcy Warren has exceeded popular expectations to make his way to the top. This research will focus on Warren’s successes, obstacles, and how to handle them.

The biography of Kelcy Warren consists of a height statement, education, work experience, awards and achievements, membership in societies and more.

Kelcy was born September 18, 1967 in Duncanville Texas to father Jimmie Ray and mother Nelda Sue (née Adams). Warren’s father was a teacher and his mother a secretary.

Warren grew up in Duncanville, TX with the neighborhood kids. Kelcy Warren reports that he has the best memories of time spent with family and friends growing up. Warren used to follow his mother on walks to work or to visit family or friends in their houses.

At the age of 12, Warren decided he wanted to be an entrepreneur, so he created and sold a newspaper door-to-door with friends.

Warren graduated from high school at age 16. He was in the National Honor Society, participated in sports, and held leadership positions. Warren chose to attend Tarleton State University because he felt that he needed a university with a good football team, which Tarleton had. Warren also wanted to be near an ocean; never having been near one before. At Tarleton University, he was interested in meteorology (study of weather) and engineering; both which filled his passion for teaching and research. Visit this page for additional information.


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Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy


Information About IM Academy

Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy is a digital currency education platform that teaches people how to trade forex online. The company was founded by Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy CEO, and is based in the United Kingdom. IM Academy has become a world-leading education website for traders of all levels in the last four years.

IM Academy offers three digital education packages tailored to skill levels: Basic, Professional, and Expert. The Basic package is designed for people who have never traded and covers everything from forex trading theory to how to trade on the internet. The Professional package is for people who wish to deepen their forex trading knowledge and includes video tutorials from leading experts on the subject matter.

In addition to its education videos, IM Academy has a series of instructional books that are used as references by all of its viewers. “The Complete Guide to Forex Trading”, authored by IM Academy Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy Co-Founder, goes over every aspect of forex trading, from setting up a forex account to trading in real-life market conditions. In addition to the book, IM Academy has several other books, including “Technical Analysis for Dummies,” “Advanced Forex Mastery,” and “Forex Trading Techniques That Work.”

Christopher Terry IM Mastery Academy attracts traders from all around the world by providing various tools designed to help them improve their trading skills. “The Market Wizard,” which is a tool used by all of its viewers, tracks the global forex market and provides real-time data that can be used to generate a profit.

“The Strategy Wizard,” another feature on IM Academy, analyzes how traders are performing and provides insights on what they should do next. “Technical Analysis for Dummies” is a book that gives readers the essential knowledge needed to benefit from technical analysis in their trading. Visit this page for additional information.


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User Security Has Always Been Yubo’s Top Priority.

Yubo, the world’s leading social platform for teens and young adults, has launched innovative age verification technology to ensure 100% of its users are verified as being at least 13 years old. The new system is designed to provide a safe and secure environment for Yubo’s millions of users by verifying their age before they can use the app.

The verification process is quick and easy – users must enter their birth date or upload a valid photo ID to be verified. This new technology further bolsters Yubo’s safety measures, including 24/7 moderation, user reporting features, AI-powered content moderation, and more.

Yubo CEO: The platform is proud to announce the launch of its innovative age verification feature to 100% of its users. This feature is designed to help ensure that all users are at least 13 years old and in compliance with our Terms of Service. This new feature will protect our users and help create a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone on the platform.

This new system combines manual and automated checks and leverages the latest technologies to increase accuracy and reliability. The manual checks involve a team of trained professionals who review user-submitted documents and compare them to other data sources to verify their ages. The automated checks involve algorithms that analyze user behavior patterns, such as activity levels and account interactions, to identify any suspicious activity.

By implementing these measures, Yubo can provide users with an even more secure environment for connecting. The process includes a combination of facial recognition technology, machine learning algorithms, and data analysis to verify each user’s age and identity accurately.

With this new age verification process, Yubo hopes to continue building trust among its users while providing a platform that encourages positive social interaction.

Yubo’s age verification system is currently 100% effective, and it helps create a safe and secure environment for young people to connect and interact with each other. The system also helps protect Yubo from potential legal issues from underage users accessing its platform.

Zaxby Announces CEO Transition To Bernard Acoca


Zaxby’s, the beloved premium Chicken QSR founded in Athens, Ga., announced today that CEO and Co-Founder Zach McLeroy would transition to company chairman effective January 2022. Bernard Acoca has been appointed as the company’s new chief executive officer. This news marks an important milestone in Zaxby’s history: Acoca is the first external CEO ever to lead the company since its founding in 1990.

The Transition

The Zaxby’s CEO, Bernard Acoca brings more than 20 years of experience as a marketer and executive within the restaurant industry.

He most recently served as president of Burger King North America, responsible for driving U.S. business performance through comprehensive commercial strategies and leading a high-performing team of over 6,000 members across North America.

Before his time at Burger King Corporation, he held senior leadership roles at Yum! Brands overseeing KFC U.S., Pizza Hut U.S., Taco Bell International, and Pizza Hut International divisions.

McLeroy will continue to be an integral part of Zaxby’s team, transitioning from the Zaxby’s CEO to chairman while actively guiding and supporting the brand’s growth strategy with his extensive business knowledge and commitment to its culture. His passion for creating delicious food experiences for guests will remain a priority even as he transitions into this new role; McLeroy is also expected to focus on developing deeper relationships with existing franchisees and recruiting new ones into the system.


The appointment of Bernard Acoca as CEO marks a critical moment for Zaxby’s CEO and its founder, Zach McLeroy. This transition signifies a bright future for the brand while honoring its past successes under McLeroy’s leadership.

With two decades of experience leading some of the nation’s top restaurant concepts under his belt, Acoca is well-prepared to drive Zaxby’s growth forward while ensuring that McLeroy’s legacy is upheld as a guiding principle throughout his tenure as chairman. We are excited to see what this next chapter holds for Zaxby’s! See this article for more information.


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Alliance Defending Freedom

As one of the most influential conservative Christian organizations in the U.S., Alliance Defending Freedom has been actively pushing a restrictive agenda that seeks to roll back rights for LGBTQ people, expand Christian practices within public schools and government, and outlaw abortion. Their mission is to “defend the right of people to freely live out their faith” by implementing legal strategies at both national and international levels. ADF has been involved in numerous high-profile cases over the past several years. They remain a major player in the ongoing culture wars between religious groups and progressive organizations.

ADF was founded in 1994 by Alan Sears, a former U.S. Department of Justice attorney and constitutional law professor Gary Bauer. Bauer was later replaced by Michael Farris, who served as ADF’s president until 2004. Jim Sedlak took over as interim president that year, followed by Alan Sears in 2009.

Alliance Defending Freedom is a non-profit legal organization based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Michael Farris and Jay Sekulow founded it in 1997 as the Alliance Defense Fund. The group’s goal is to defend religious liberty for all people, claiming this freedom is “under assault” from a secular progressive movement.

The group is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, with offices in Washington, D.C., New York City, Phoenix, Atlanta, Minneapolis–Saint Paul, Ann Arbor, Tallahassee, Sacramento, Boise, Indianapolis, San Antonio, and Springfield, Illinois. As of 2017, ADF had 40 full-time lawyers on staff. One of the most vocal critics is the Human Rights Campaign, which has called Alliance Defending Freedom a “hate group” for its positions on these issues.


The Alliance Defending Freedom is a powerful organization with deep roots in conservative Christian ideology that works to limit the legal rights of LGBTQ people, expand Christian practices within public schools and government, and seek to outlaw abortion. While many may disagree with this stance, it underscores the importance of knowing what organizations exist and what their agenda is. Besides, it serves as a reminder that we must stay informed about our beliefs to protect ourselves from those who seek to undermine them.

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Miki Agrawal: What She Believes About Life and Career

Miki Agrawal is a Texas-based social entrepreneur and founder of TUSHY, WILD, and Thinx. Her recently acquired company, TUSHY, specializes in modern-day bidets that bring a difference in American homes. The firm recently introduced an electric bidet seat that allows users to operate it through remote control.

Ms. Agrawal encourages people worldwide to find solutions to problems they encounter through art and creativity. She also mentors upcoming business people and primarily black women. Miki Agrawal loves bringing positive changes to the areas in which she lives and the world. Hence, she boasts of saving tens of millions of trees annually and creating TUSHY bidets to improve hygiene and health in American toilets.

Ms. Agrawal also loves traveling and adventure. Recently, she traveled to Antarctica in the company of other leaders and agents of change. During the memorable trip, she loved everything about the land and learned a thing or two that would help her positively impact the world.

Ms. Agrawal loves creativity, authenticity, and inventing new ideas and things. She tackles all she does passionately and honestly and believes that what she thinks, says, and feels must agree. Miki Agrawal believes that a perfect friend loves her for who she is, one who expresses herself freely and supports freedom.

On the other hand, Ms. Agrawal notes that business partners shouldn’t have similar qualities. For example, if one of them is thoughtful, their partner should be passionate and creative. The award-winning entrepreneur loves enjoying life as it unfolds, playing with her son, and appreciating nature with loved ones.

As a child, Ms. Agrawal loved playing soccer. She has, over the years, got influenced in life matters by her parents and twin sister. She learned the benefit of spending less than her earnings while growing up. As a career woman, Miki Agrawal understands best why one should be slow to hire but fast to fire. She appreciates the internet because it has helped her achieve more than she had imagined before starting TUSHY.

IM Academy

We all know that getting into a good school is no walk in the park. Even if you are a high performer, it can be difficult to get noticed if you do not play the game correctly. However, thanks to IM Academy you can unlock the next level of achievement.

IM Academy is an online education startup that aims to give students the tools they need to succeed in any educational environment.

It was started by experienced educators who were able to see how a better process could make a huge difference in the lives of students. They discovered that there was not a one size fits all approach to getting ahead and decided to create a resource where students could get the help they needed when they needed it.

The Academy has a nice website that not only describes the services and benefits of the IM Academy, but it also gives students an opportunity to see how it works in practice by sending them live demos and explanations of what to do next.

What is IM Academy?

IM Academy is a personalized online education platform that provides students with an entire suite of educational tools and content they can use at home or while they are in class.

It allows would-be college students to work at their own pace, manage their time more efficiently, and master the skills they need to succeed in their educational pursuits.

Students are provided with a customized schedule that prepares them for the course without putting them on similar paths. The content is designed to reinforce the learning that students are already doing, giving them confidence about their ability to succeed and ensuring that they understand the necessary material.

Students who sign up for IM can expect to see a weekly recap of what they learned combined with a daily checklist that highlights everything they will be learning. They can also expect an introductory e-mail, an encouragement letter and a special offer that allows them to get started immediately.

Today, IM provides a variety of resources and tools to help aspiring traders succeed including the popular Trading Mastermind program, Forex Pro Trader courses, MetaTrader 4 Training System, and the popular MetaQuotes Software Suite.

For IOS users, refer to this app to learn more.


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