A Hybrid World, Athlo and the Future of Fitness


The recent explosion of technology has made the world smaller and more interconnected. Today, ideas and innovations travel faster than ever before. We have access to so much information that learning new things is easy. So, what is the future of fitness?

Athlo, a sharing economy fitness app that allows users to share unused or underused equipment. “The workout community is growing and needs new ways to stay motivated and inspired,” confided Athlo Founder Matthew Mansell. “Many people pay for gym memberships because they cannot find time for a workout at home.” Unlike other apps, this fitness app allows users to share anything from workout equipment and group fitness classes to personal trainers and sports leagues. Users can find everything in one app to stay healthy and fit.

Mathew Mansell is the creator of Athlo, a digital fitness group. The fitness group, which the Athlo Founder says is the next fitness unicorn, was established during the covid-19 pandemic.

According to Matthew Mansell, digital fitness curtails the intimidation of people apprehensive about training. The fitness app is designed to make exercise less intimidating and more inclusive for people of all fitness levels. ” The fitness app eliminates the barrier in traditional fitness clubs and gyms,” Matthew Mansell said. “Not everyone feels comfortable walking into a gym, so we provided users with an easy solution.

We have allowed anyone to find a workout at home, whether in their living room or backyard. We believe the future of healthy living is healthier, and we hope to continue to inspire this new way of thinking.” For the app users, the process is simple. When they download the service on their smartphone, it automatically sends a notification to everyone in their fitness group.

Then, all users can add each other to their groups and be members of a workout community as simple as texting or sharing a photo. “This app is for everyone and anyone,” Mansell said. “We want our users to enjoy and share fitness with others. It’s an app that builds communities, motivates people, and is life-changing. This is a whole new way of keeping fit.” The next fitness unicorn is Athlo; the app allows users to find a workout at home in their living room or backyard. Refer to this article for additional information.


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