Alex Pissios contributions in the "Hollywood of the Midwest."


Under Alex Pissios, Chicago Film Studios is the Midwest’s premiere film and television production facility. The complex contains 32 sound stages, 16 production offices, a high-end digital film processing and finishing facility, a world-class pool and club, a cinema, a car collection, restaurant and catering services, and much more. 

Alex Pissios, with his work in the community

On top of his professional achievements, Pissios has done extensive work for film companies to learn how to work efficiently and effectively in a time of rapid technological changes, including setting up a film studio visit for the Department of Digital Cinema at UCLA. In 2011, he co-founded the International VFX Consortium, bringing together industry leaders to impact the digital effects industry by solving business and technical challenges. 

Alex Pissios’ Background and Career

Alex Pissios holds a Bachelor’s Degree from DePaul University in Liberal Arts. He began his career in merchandising at Universal Studios. He transitioned to motion picture animation, where he supervised the development of films for major studios, including Paramount Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox. 

Most recently, Alex served as the Senior Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs for Prime Focus, a leading North American R&D and technology company, and managed all legal, business, and technology aspects of the business operations of Prime Focus’s film studios in the US and Canada. 

Alex’s Role at Cinespace Chicago Film Studios

Alex Pissios: I am very excited to have the opportunity to participate in Cinespace Chicago Film Studios. For more than 35 years, Cinespace Chicago has been Chicago’s largest employer of film, television, video, and media production and commercial sound recording professionals. I want to thank Cheryl Knowles and her team for the invitation to serve as Chairman and CEO of Cinespace Chicago Film Studios and look forward to leading our talented staff in fulfilling this prestigious role in the Chicagoland entertainment industry throughout the world.