Alliance Defending Freedom: Protecting Religious Freedom and Free Speech

Alliance Defending Freedom was launched in 1994, as Alliance Defense Fund, to protect freedom of speech, particularly as it pertains to religion. While Alliance Defending Freedom was founded by Christian leaders, the organization also works to support Jews, Mormons, Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and more.

Religious freedom applies to everyone. People have the right to explore religion for themselves and to express that religion in a way that fits their specific needs. At Alliance Defending Freedom, the team works to protect individuals’ rights to express their religion and religious beliefs. Alliance Defending Freedom believes that in order to protect an individual religion’s freedoms, including the Abrahamic faiths, it is necessary to extend religious protection to other religions, as well.

Protecting Free Speech

Freedom of speech is a key right practiced by many Americans from a variety of faiths, including the right to share religious information or information about specific beliefs. The organization works to protect that right of free speech, including the right to hand out pamphlets and other information.

Sanctity of Human Life

Alliance Defending Freedom also protects the sanctity of human life: not just in order to protect the unborn, but the right of people to life until the time of natural death. People have the right to fight for life and to live out the lifespan intended for them, and the ADF fights for those rights.

Parental Rights

The ADF also fights to protect parental rights, including the right of parents to determine what kind of education their children receive. Protecting these rights is a key part of protecting children and what they are exposed to in school.

The ADF continues to advocate for religious freedoms and protections for individuals, before the Supreme Court, and internationally. The organization continues to offer a high level of support to those seeking protection for their freedoms. Visit this channel on YouTube, for related information.


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