Margie Hauser’s Musical Journey

Margie Hauser is a Class of 1983 graduate of National Louis University and currently resides in Muncie, IN. She has been an educator for over 30 years and special education teacher for the past 20 years. This summer she will celebrate her 25th year as Special Education Coordinator at the Muncie School Corporation. Margie supervises nine elementary schools and oversees a departmental budget of $1.5 million annually as well as salaries for 23 people who provide services to about 950 students who have been identified with disabilities. At Muncie Schools, Margie provides education services to all students with disabilities from preschool through the eighth grade. This article is intended to be a written account of the author’s experience at National Louis University, as well as provide some insight into what it is like to work with children with disabilities every day.

Margie and her husband Chris have four children: Sarah (26), Timothy (25), Ashley (22) and Rachel (19). They have five grandchildren – three boys and two girls. She has two sisters: Terri and Denise. Denise has two children: Colin (19) and Hannah (14). Timothy is married to Marissa and they have one son, Taylor (4). Their first grandchild is expected in December 2010! Sarah is married to Shane and they have a daughter, Cheyenne (3). Ashley is engaged to Adam. Margie loves spending time with her family, gardening and decorating for Christmas every year.

National Louis University

 Margie Hauser graduated from Muncie Central High School in 1982. The following year I enrolled at National Louis University and was accepted into the Early Childhood Education program with a specialization in Infant/Toddler Development. Since that time, I have taught preschool/kindergarten, second grade, third grade and fourth grade. I am currently teaching fifth grade and this is my second year as the Special Education Coordinator at Muncie School Corporation.

Margie Hauser graduated from National Louis University in 1983 with a degree in Early Childhood Education. I enrolled in college after my high school graduation in 1982. I was accepted into the Early Childhood Education program with a specialization in Infant/Toddler Development. Since that time, I have taught preschool/kindergarten, second grade, third grade and fourth grade.

Miki Agrawal explains the benefits of passion in business

Making money takes work. Miki Agrawal, a social entrepreneur and book author, knows how to create wealth despite marketplace challenges.

The businesswoman is always aware of the strategies to use to increase profits. Miki teaches her secrets to her family and everyone willing to listen to her. Unlike business leaders in the global community, Miki Agrawal views businesses as an energy exchange. Miki Agrawal’s greatest approach to a successful business is mostly on innate feelings. Before creating a business, Miki evaluates the things giving her a hard time.

By solving the problems she is experiencing, the corporate executive creates the best and most realistic businesses.

Through the few businesses created by Miki, many people, especially women, have lived a better and more comfortable life. Most of Miki Agrawal’s businesses help people too. Although creating a business to solve a challenge the entrepreneur faces is important, the idea only becomes profitable if more people need a similar service.

A business idea will only find its way into the market if many people in society will require its products. THINX, for instance, provided Miki with the products she needed to be comfortable during her menstruation.

The underwear products were perfect for the market because they helped many other women too. The last and most important aspect before launching a business idea is passion. Miki avoids businesses she is not passionate about. In one of the books written by the social entrepreneur, passion is given a lot of attention. All budding entrepreneurs must understand the role of passion in the success of a business.

A business needs a lot of time and hard work. The founders spend most of their energy and time in the businesses before they can employ new workers. If they do not love the job, it will be hard for them to work long hours. When someone is doing something they love, they do not get overwhelmed.

User Security Has Always Been Yubo’s Top Priority.

Yubo, the world’s leading social platform for teens and young adults, has launched innovative age verification technology to ensure 100% of its users are verified as being at least 13 years old. The new system is designed to provide a safe and secure environment for Yubo’s millions of users by verifying their age before they can use the app.

The verification process is quick and easy – users must enter their birth date or upload a valid photo ID to be verified. This new technology further bolsters Yubo’s safety measures, including 24/7 moderation, user reporting features, AI-powered content moderation, and more.

Yubo CEO: The platform is proud to announce the launch of its innovative age verification feature to 100% of its users. This feature is designed to help ensure that all users are at least 13 years old and in compliance with our Terms of Service. This new feature will protect our users and help create a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone on the platform.

This new system combines manual and automated checks and leverages the latest technologies to increase accuracy and reliability. The manual checks involve a team of trained professionals who review user-submitted documents and compare them to other data sources to verify their ages. The automated checks involve algorithms that analyze user behavior patterns, such as activity levels and account interactions, to identify any suspicious activity.

By implementing these measures, Yubo can provide users with an even more secure environment for connecting. The process includes a combination of facial recognition technology, machine learning algorithms, and data analysis to verify each user’s age and identity accurately.

With this new age verification process, Yubo hopes to continue building trust among its users while providing a platform that encourages positive social interaction.

Yubo’s age verification system is currently 100% effective, and it helps create a safe and secure environment for young people to connect and interact with each other. The system also helps protect Yubo from potential legal issues from underage users accessing its platform.

Miki Agrawal: What She Believes About Life and Career

Miki Agrawal is a Texas-based social entrepreneur and founder of TUSHY, WILD, and Thinx. Her recently acquired company, TUSHY, specializes in modern-day bidets that bring a difference in American homes. The firm recently introduced an electric bidet seat that allows users to operate it through remote control.

Ms. Agrawal encourages people worldwide to find solutions to problems they encounter through art and creativity. She also mentors upcoming business people and primarily black women. Miki Agrawal loves bringing positive changes to the areas in which she lives and the world. Hence, she boasts of saving tens of millions of trees annually and creating TUSHY bidets to improve hygiene and health in American toilets.

Ms. Agrawal also loves traveling and adventure. Recently, she traveled to Antarctica in the company of other leaders and agents of change. During the memorable trip, she loved everything about the land and learned a thing or two that would help her positively impact the world.

Ms. Agrawal loves creativity, authenticity, and inventing new ideas and things. She tackles all she does passionately and honestly and believes that what she thinks, says, and feels must agree. Miki Agrawal believes that a perfect friend loves her for who she is, one who expresses herself freely and supports freedom.

On the other hand, Ms. Agrawal notes that business partners shouldn’t have similar qualities. For example, if one of them is thoughtful, their partner should be passionate and creative. The award-winning entrepreneur loves enjoying life as it unfolds, playing with her son, and appreciating nature with loved ones.

As a child, Ms. Agrawal loved playing soccer. She has, over the years, got influenced in life matters by her parents and twin sister. She learned the benefit of spending less than her earnings while growing up. As a career woman, Miki Agrawal understands best why one should be slow to hire but fast to fire. She appreciates the internet because it has helped her achieve more than she had imagined before starting TUSHY.

The Power of Sustainable Business Practices

Sustainable business practices are important for every business, regardless of size or industry. In fact, many successful entrepreneurs are turning to sustainability not only to maximize profits and reduce costs but also to positively impact the environment. One such entrepreneur is Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, who has become an advocate for sustainable business practices.

What Are Sustainable Business Practices?

Sustainable business practices refer to a company’s commitment to using resources responsibly and reducing its environmental impact. This includes creating strategies that focus on conserving energy and water, recycling materials, and reducing waste. Sustainability can also include other aspects like ethical sourcing of raw materials and products, fair labor practices, and minimizing packaging used in shipping products.

How Can Sustainable Business Practices Help Your Bottom Line?

Sustainable business practices have many advantages for companies of all sizes. Not only do they minimize environmental damage, but they also help to maximize profits by reducing costs associated with energy consumption, waste disposal fees, and water bills. Businesses that commit to sustainability can also gain a competitive advantage by appealing to customers who prioritize buying from environmentally friendly companies.

Alejandro Betancourt’s Commitment To Sustainable Business Practices

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is one prominent entrepreneur who has made it his mission to promote sustainable business practices throughout Latin America. Alejandro Betancourt supports organizations that are devoted to finding ways to make businesses more efficient while still taking care of their natural surroundings.

His support is reflected in his investments. Betancourt currently owns multiple renewable energy companies as well as a group of hotels dedicated to responsible tourism in Mexico.

The benefits of sustainable business practices are numerous – from financial savings and competitive advantages over other companies in your industry to preventing environmental damage – making them an essential part of any successful business plan today. Prominent entrepreneur Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is just one example of someone who has embraced sustainability in his own investments across Latin America – proving that you don’t have to sacrifice profit for progress when it comes to doing good for the planet.

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Bhanu Choudhrie Director of Alpha Aviation Group

Alpha Aviation Group Ltd is managed by Bhanu Choudhrie, who founded and managed C&C Alpha Group. Alpha Aviation Group is the only accredited flight school in the Philippines. Choudhrie’s background in the hotel, health care and real estate industries has enabled him to make intelligent investments in the aviation industry.

In 2003, Bhanu Choudhrie purchased shares of the Indian low-cost airline Air Deccan. This was his first investment in a business. Five years later, when the company was sold to Kingfisher, it was handling 7 million passengers per year on 200 flights per day. Bhanu Choudhrie founded Alpha Aviation Group in 2006 because the demand for pilots exceeded the supply. There are more middle-class people in Southeast Asia; Alpha Aviation established flight training centers in the Philippines and United Arab Emirates.

As living standards in developing nations improve and the global middle class expands, demand for commercial aviation increases. This is beneficial for the entire industry. Large commercial flights have a high demand for pilots, but it can be difficult to find qualified candidates because smaller airlines often need to pay more or offer the required experience.

Bhanu Choudhrie is incredibly proud that he was named Asian Entrepreneur of the Year by the United Kingdom in 2008. He believes that a notable development in the aviation industry over the next two to three decades will increase aviation investment in developing nations, particularly Asia. Because the baby boomer generation in the United States is aging, he continues, approximately 30,000 pilots will retire within the next few years. This will be a tremendous opportunity for Alpha Aviation and its training facilities. Choudhrie motivates his team to generate innovative concepts by carefully selecting which businesses to invest in. Then, he gives his portfolio companies money and strategic advice on how to grow and establish themselves in the market. He claims that his company’s success is due to his decision to invest over a long period of time in good management teams.

For more to know [email protected]The pilot shortage can be the right catalyst to increase the number of women on the flight deck

Luis Horta e Costa: Why Portugal is the ideal country to live in

There are imitations of orange-tiled rooftops, cobblestone alleys, sleepy hilltop villages, and the bright Atlantic Ocean in Portugal. The country has charms, such as practically year-round sunshine, first-rate cuisine, hiking, surfing, and beach villages. Luis Horta e Costa is an authority in Portuguese real estate. According to him, Portugal is attractive due to the people, weather, cost of living, and safety.

He also considered how much the calibre of the services was improving. Costa co-founded Square View, a company that develops real estate. It constructs and renovates beaches, houses, and cities in Portugal. During the Coronavirus outbreak, designer Christian Louboutin took a vacation in Portugal. This led him to build a 5-star hotel in the Melides villages and buy a second house.

The French Philippe Starck from France has a second home 10 miles out to sea in the Sintra mountains of Portugal. Every summer, the princesses and prince of the Portuguese royal family made their way to the Baroque palace, which had been open to the public before the 18th century. Many people who were looking for homes decided to purchase land in Lisbon.

Due to its blend of the modern and the ancient and its fast internet, this was the capital city that people continued to adore alongside Moorish palaces, Roman ruins, and Renaissance cathedrals, these provided services. Because of so many attractions, Luis Horta e Costa claimed to enjoy Lisbon. Porto was reportedly one of those cities because real estate was moving quickly.

Properties in the Algarve are reputed to be more expensive than those in Lisbon. Costa preferred the more sedate Alentejo region, which has 40 kilometres of undeveloped beaches. Melides, located in the centre of Alentejo, boasts a thriving bird population and numerous lagoons. Additionally, it emits a slow hum. The peaceful community is home to world-famous horseback riding, kitesurfing, and surfing.

Greg Blatt Explains How Modern CEOs Should Handle Politics


The current CEO needs to be more than just a leader. They need to be a savvy navigator of the political landscape of the office. This is especially true in today’s climate, which has seen an explosion in corporate activism. Companies are being held to higher levels of accountability and transparency by their stakeholders, who are increasingly vocal about the companies they support and the practices they employ.

In “The Modern CEO Needs to Know How to Manage Politics in the Office. Greg Blatt Has Some Thoughts” by CEO World Magazine, Greg Blatt discusses the importance of the CEO’s understanding and managing office politics. He states that with the ever-changing political landscape, it’s more important than ever for CEOs to be up-to-date and informed on political issues. He goes on to say that CEOs need to be able to manage office politics to maintain a productive and positive work environment.

Greg Blatt, former CEO of InterActivCorp and former General Counsel for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc., is well-versed in navigating these waters. During his time at InterActivCorp, Blatt worked to create trust with shareholders while simultaneously growing the company’s presence and expanding its portfolio. Blatt negotiated deftly between various interests and positions from inside and outside his organization, bringing together parties that may have otherwise been at odds.

According to Greg Blatt, CEOs must be mindful of the cultural dynamics within their own offices. With different views on politics often being held among colleagues, it can be difficult for CEOs to lead meetings or give direction without offending someone or inadvertently taking sides on partisan matters.

To avoid such a situation, Blatt would emphasize specific core values that could serve as common ground; mutual respect and transparency should remain constant regardless of political leanings in any given office situation.

Greg Blatt was one of the most prominent and influential figures in the online dating industry. Throughout his career, he held various top executive roles in IAC and Match Group from 2010 until 2017. Greg began his journey at IAC as the Executive Vice President and General Counsel before becoming CEO of the company’s Match segment.

In December 2010, he took on a role as IAC CEO, which lasted three years until 2013, after which he became the Executive Chairman of Match Group and, later on, Tinder. His tenure as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Match Group ran from 2016 to 2017, while he served as CEO of Tinder during that same period.

Before joining IAC, Blatt worked at two highly acclaimed New York law firms: Grubman Indursky and Schindler and Wachtell Lipton Rosen and Katz. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Colgate University and a J.D. from Columbia Law School. His extensive experience has given him an exceptional understanding of legal issues and business acumen, enabling him to rise to the highest positions in corporate America. Visit this page on LinkedIn, for more information.


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ABRDN is a society that meets every Saturday at 6 PM in their neighbor’s backyard, Jayz. There is no dress code, and you should wear something comfortable. It’s about getting together for conversation and drinking beers with friends or other people you don’t know.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, come on by Saturday night! The address is listed below so that you can find it easily, but enter the back gate from Main Street into the alley behind Jayz’s house and wait for us to come out of the back door.

ABRDN is a society of students at Cal Poly Pomona and members of other nearby colleges and universities that meet every Saturday night for dinner, discussion, and drinking games. We are currently concentrating on our nation’s pastime(s), but that does not mean we can’t discuss some critical issues or have fun with them. Although our meetings are free, ’roundabouts’ (sponsoring six or more) get a free dinner, and we also try to get donations to buy food for those in need that night.

For those who have never been to one of our meetings, you should know that it is a very laid back atmosphere. We don’t care what you wear; we don’t really care how much you eat or drink; we don’t really care if you are on drugs (though some members do enjoy those recreational activities); we want to have a good time and make sure everyone else does too. We meet every Saturday at 6 PM, starting with dinner at 5:30. Our meetings take place in Jayz’s backyard, but we are looking for a more permanent location.

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An IoT software and private networking company, Teal Communications, was very excited about their new member of the Board of directors, Veteran Glenn Lurie. Lurie has previously worked at Synchronoss technologies as a CEO, President, and board of directors member. During his time working with Synchross technologies, Glenn Lurie has brought a cherished comprehension of the telecommunications, IoT, and telecommunications industry to Teal. Before working with Synchronoss, Lurie had served as CEO and president of AT&T mobility and consumer functioning commerce.

In the wake of beginning his career at McCaw Cellular, Lurie pioneered the era of a modern smartphone. He led the negotiations between AT&T and Apple on introducing the very first iPhones and iPads into the market. While working with AT&T, Lurie created three innovative businesses. They include the Internet of things business which facilitated wireless connectivity electronics, cars, and tablets. The second business was Aio wireless which is currently known as cricket wireless. It is the company’s top pre-paid flanker bank. His third innovative business is Digital Life, a home automation and business security.

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Recently, Teal announced its investment of $9.2 million into enhancing the development of its eSIM platform and increasing its services into new dimensions. Recently, it announced its participation in the 5G open creativity lab. Other pioneering founders include; Dell, and Microsoft, among others. In his speech, When chosen as a board of directors for Synchronoss technologies, Glenn Lurie said he was very excited to be a part of such a great and talented young company. He loved the fact that the company was devoted to solving issues to deal with connectivity and running inventions. He said that based on the fact that he has worked in the IoT business since its inception, he has witnessed how awesome it has grown. He said he believed Teal’s solutions could speed up the entire industry’s growth.