Bernard Acoca

Bernard Acoca, the Zaxby’s CEO is a quick and innovative leader in the culinary world. He has successfully led companies, including PepsiCo, Cypress Creek Coffee, Cocoa-Cola, and Kraft Foods, to name a few.

Bernard is a Hero because of his ability to harness technology and usher in new trends in the food industry and other industries. He has led companies, including Pepsi, Starbucks and Coca-Cola, and Kraft Foods, to name a few, in successful endeavors.

Bernard is a Hero because he successfully brought technology into the culinary world by being the first to introduce “Taste Makers” to Kraft Foods. The Taste Maker program was an opportunity for consumers and chefs alike to engage in product development through tasting sessions and recipe creation via computer networking. It allowed consumers to be involved in product development as part of a large and passionate industry.

Bernard Acoca is a Hero because he introduced the concept of unique flavor blending that would appeal to food industry professionals and consumers. This concept allowed for an interesting new way of creating innovative products that are real in all senses of the word. Instead of building, it was possible to taste certain combinations that allow consumers to experience new tastes while feeling they’re getting value for money. This was possible because the packages were more flexible and innovative, allowing for different ways they are packaged and consumed.

Zaxby’s CEO John “JR” Horst named Acoca the company’s chief executive in June 2004. During his tenure, Acoca has led Zaxby’s growth from 300 to over 900 restaurants and delivered a stock price gain of almost 800 percent. Bernard Acoca is now the CEO of Intimate Brands, Inc., parent company of The Blackstone Group-backed boudoir apparel retailer Lingerie (company), EdenFantasys, and Weddingstar.

He was hired to expand their national footprint and continue the rapid growth both brands have seen over the past few years. Refer to this article for related information.


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