Insights of Jason Hope on Social Networking

Jason Hope is a business visionary who helps people see a new approach to using social media. With the integration of social media into our daily activities, many social media platforms have increased rapidly over the years because of the habits of social media users. Jason Hope refers to Social networking as the use of social media to learn new things and for business expansion as opposed to the norm where it is only used to boost people’s popularity.


Social media pages provide a wide range of audiences, making some organizations shift their focus from their business websites. Jason Hope gives insights on how social networking will affect businesses. He says that social media in the modern-day world gives businesses great potential for expansion.


Jason Hope at the SENS Foundation


Social media platforms help businesses indirectly sell their products and services, although that was not their original purpose, Jason Hope adds. According to the activist investor, the more followers a social media platform has, the more trustworthy it is. People nowadays are more enthusiastic about shopping online through social media platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp. 


Instagram business pages depend solely on the number of their followers. If the followers are more on a page, the more they trust it and the higher the likelihood of purchasing from the page. Internet reviews are also critical when people purchase things online, so positive reviews help the online services and products sell out. Jason Hope says businesses focus more on their social media availability than on websites. 

He shares new features, purposes, and social networking sites that have become more popular over time. Businesses have, therefore, focused on creating good customer communities rather than perfect pages. According to Jason Hope, 80% of internet users have more access to social media platforms than websites. Social networking has also enabled businesses to connect with their customers more effectively than other online resources.