Planning to Move with Hughes Marino

Hughes Marino is a property management company. The organization says moving a company, or a business can be daunting, and those who have done it can testify. The firm is a building and construction company that offers its clients a wide range of services, including tenant build-out, expansion, assisting in planning, and lease negotiation, among many others. 


In its line of responsibility, Hughes Marino buyer and tenant rep firm has also experienced how its clients deal with moving their business. The experience has led the construction company to offer tips to other business people on what to consider when moving their businesses through their relocation services


 Factors To Consider When Moving Businesses


  • Plan Ahead


 According to Hughes Marino, the more time you spend planning for your relocation, the easier and the more successful your moving will be. Experts at the property development and management company say it advises its clients to plan three months to one year before moving their businesses to a new place. When planning, a company should consider selecting a moving committee comprising leaders of various departments in the organization.


  • Create Moving Teams by Departments


 There are several logistics to be considered when nearing the moving dates. It is crucial to be well organized by including the head of departments to ensure all the equipment and books are well organized and kept ready for moving (Connect).


  • Create a New Location Support Strategy

The day has come, and all the staff members are excited to move to the new space. This, through the firm’s relocation services. As everyone is new to the location, Hughes Marino staff members state that iit is essential to put individuals in place to make proper communication and arrangements on how to navigate in the new area.