Damien Granderson, Entertainment Lawyer

Damien Granderson is an entertainment attorney with almost 30 years of experience. The international lawyer has served 24 years as a partner at an international law firm. Damien Granderson has offices in Beverly Hills and New York. He serves as a favorite advisor to the rosters of all the networks and studios, providing counsel on all aspects of film, and digital content production deals. 


Entertainment lawyer Damien Granderson is a frequent speaker at industry conferences who advises legal professionals on entertainment-related business matters. He is committed to ensuring his client’s intellectual property is safe and the clients have someone to recommend them strategically to accomplish their objectives.


Damien Granderson is known for an analytical approach to all matters of entertainment, customizing creative deals based on his clients’ needs. He is a regular contributor to the entertainment media, including interviews on television and radio, as well as speaking on film financing and digital distribution. Damien Granderson is also known for his ability to work with many types of clients.


This, from writers and producers to actors and directors, with an emphasis on protecting the creative process. Damien Granderson´s roster comprises top-tier talent such as recording artists, songwriters, actors, designers, and media firms (Avvo). 

A philosophy guides the entertainment lawyer, and he uses a dynamic and cooperative approach to ensure that he provides the best services to his clients and provides superb aftermath. Damien Granderson shows so much dedication to fostering gender, tribal and sexual position desertification in the workplace and contributes to empowering the communities he serves. As a result, he has put together an elite team of professionals who have guided him in his time of need.