Alejandro Pena Honored During Teacher Appreciation Week for Gifting Outdoor Furniture to School's Garden

Alejandro Pena Honored During Teacher Appreciation Week for Gifting Outdoor Furniture to School’s Garden

During Teacher Appreciation Week, Alejandro Pena, CEO of Keter, has been recognized for supporting green spaces by gifting outdoor furniture to a school’s garden. The furniture will provide a comfortable place for teachers and students to sit and enjoy the school’s garden.

Pena’s gift was part of his ongoing commitment to promoting green spaces and sustainable living. As CEO of Keter, a leading provider of outdoor furniture and storage solutions, Alejandro Pena has made it a priority to develop products that are both functional and eco-friendly.

The school that received Pena’s gift was thrilled with the donation, noting that it would help to create a more welcoming and inviting atmosphere in the garden. The furniture is made from recycled materials and is designed to withstand the elements, making it a perfect fit for the school’s outdoor space.

This is not the first time Alejandro Pena has supported green spaces. Keter has a long history of environmental stewardship, and Pena has been instrumental in developing the company’s sustainable practices.

In addition to his commitment to sustainability and green spaces, Alejandro Pena has also shown support for education. As part of Teacher Appreciation Week, Pena recognized teachers’ vital role in shaping the future by gifting outdoor furniture to the school’s garden. By providing a comfortable outdoor space, the furniture will offer an opportunity for students and teachers to engage in hands-on learning and foster a greater appreciation for the environment.

Pena’s dedication to sustainable living is not limited to his company’s practices or philanthropic efforts. He has also advocated for policy changes that promote environmental protection and sustainability. Pena has spoken out in favor of sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and responsible waste management, among other issues, and has worked to promote environmentally-friendly policies in business and government.

Alejandro Betancourt on the Power of Customer Service in Business

Providing excellent customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business. It’s a way to build relationships with customers, create loyalty, and attract new customers to your brand. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, CEO of Hawker Sunglasses, understands this better than anyone. He is an avid believer in the power of customer service and has implemented it into his business strategy from the beginning.

Why Customer Service Matters

Customers are essential for any business. Without them, you can’t make sales or generate revenue. That’s why it’s so important to provide them with top-notch customer service that will keep them coming back time and time again. When customers have positive experiences with your company, they are more likely to become loyal customers who spread the word about your brand and recommend you to their friends and family. Good customer service also leads to more sales because happy customers are willing to spend more money with you.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez knows firsthand the importance of offering great customer service at Hawker Sunglasses. From day one, he has made sure that every customer experience is positive, putting their needs first and ensuring they have access to quality sunglasses at affordable prices while also providing excellent after-sale services such as warranties and repairs if needed. This commitment has helped Hawker Sunglasses establish a loyal following among its customers who love its products and services.

How To Achieve Great Customer Service

According to Alejandro Betancourt providing good customer service doesn’t happen overnight; it requires consistent effort on behalf of your team members and an understanding of what kind of experience your customers want from you. Start by setting up processes that ensure each interaction with a customer is handled efficiently and effectively, no matter how big or small the issue may be. Make sure everyone in your organization understands the importance of good customer service, from upper management down, so they can work together towards this common goal.

Good customer service is essential for any successful business, no matter what industry or size it may be in. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez understands this well; since taking over as CEO of Hawker Sunglasses, he has put in place strategies that prioritize delivering top-notch experiences for every single person who interacts with his company.

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Zaxby’s CEO Recap

The best-ranked quick service restaurant executive in America is Bernard Acoca, CEO at Zaxby’s.

Zaxby’s CEO has successfully led the chicken finger restaurant chain to industry-leading rankings among the nation’s top quick-service restaurants. He has boosted company revenues during his tenure as CEO, and that success helped Zaxby’s become America’s favorite chicken fingers brand by sales. Bernard Acoca became the first external executive to be appointed at Zaxby’s by Zach McLeroy for his outstanding contributions to the industry. Acoca led Starbucks while he was in the top position in the company, supporting the growth of more stores in the country that quickly became a success.

Bernard Acoca has worked to develop new concepts and adapt existing ones for different markets. He has helped Zaxby’s Chicken communicate its vision for improving customer service over time by creating a process for collecting feedback to develop a tool that surfaces critical insights about customers’ perceptions of service quality and areas where performance can be improved. His other impressive performance includes at the El Pollo Loco chain, rapidly expanding its market share in sales and the number of stores.

Bernard has been ranked top in the country for his exceptional performance as CEO of Zaxby’s. He has reached many milestones, such as one that states he plans to open restaurants as soon as possible, and franchising numerous locations is expected to spread across the country.

The new Zaxby’s CEO is very successful with his leadership skills at Zaxby’s. Acoca has successfully led big brands to higher status and is considered one of the most successful CEOs in the industry. However, he still has a long way to go.

Acoca has more than 20 years of leadership success. In the last few years, his performance at Zaxby’s has increased sales and expanded the universe of customers. Not only that, but he is also working hard to build value for investors by adding new items to its menu. Refer to this article, for more information.


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Why ESG Matters for Modern Businesses

In today’s world, it is more important than ever for businesses to adhere to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards. ESG has become an increasingly popular concept among business leaders, with Alejandro Betancourt Lopez the CEO of Hawkers Sunglasses, one of its most outspoken proponents. Let’s discuss why ESG is so important for modern businesses.

What is ESG?

At its core, the ESG concept is all about sustainability. It focuses on a company’s long-term success by taking into account financial performance and environmental and social impact. This means that a company must consider how its actions will affect the environment, its employees, and the communities in which it operates. By adhering to these principles, companies can create a sustainable future for themselves and their stakeholders.

The Benefits of Adhering to ESG

Several benefits come with embracing the ESG concept. For one thing, it helps build trust between a company and its stakeholders; customers are more likely to trust a company that takes responsibility for its environmental and social impacts rather than one that does not. Additionally, companies that adhere to ESG principles tend to be more profitable in the long run due to increased efficiency and reduced costs associated with waste management and other areas.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez & Hawkers Sunglasses

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has been an outspoken proponent of ESG since he took over as CEO of Hawkers Sunglasses in 2016. Under his leadership, Hawkers has implemented numerous initiatives designed to reduce waste production while increasing sustainability across all operations. This includes partnering with local communities to recycle materials used in production processes as well as investing in energy-efficient technologies such as solar power generation systems for manufacturing facilities. These efforts have helped Hawkers become one of Latin America’s most successful sunglasses brands.

ESG is becoming increasingly important for modern businesses. Companies like Hawkers Sunglasses, led by Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, are setting a great example by embracing this concept and taking steps towards creating a more sustainable future for everyone involved in their operations, from customers to employees and everything in between. By adhering to these principles, businesses can create value for shareholders while minimizing their negative impacts on society and the environment at large.

 Scott Berkowitz is Doing Incredible Work With RAINN

Recently, RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) announced a new board member, Jamila Sykes, an executive in healthcare management. Ms Sykes will join the board, led by founder and president Scott Berkowitz.

RAINN has been fighting sexual assault since 1994 and is the most prominent anti-sexual violence organization in the US. It offers support, resources, and information to sexual assault survivors through the Safe Helpline, the National Sexual Assault Online Hotline, and many other programs and initiatives.

RAINN has just come out in favour of the leading child protection law, the Protecting the Rights of Individuals Against Technological Exploitation (PRIVATE) Act of 2021, in addition to the new board member. This act will make it easier for victims of child sexual abuse to seek justice and create harsher punishments for those that exploit children online. It is proud to support this critical act and is hopeful it will bring justice and healing to survivors.

RAINN also recently released a resource guide for LGBTQ+ survivors of sexual violence. The guide provides information about mental health, safety planning, and legal rights. It is committed to supporting all survivors of sexual violence, and this guide is an essential resource for the LGBTQ+ community.

RAINN is also working to support civilian sexual assault service providers. They have created a Safe Helpline to provide resources and support to those in need. The Safe Helpline also provides a way for survivors to connect with trained advocates and get the help they need.

Last but not least, RAINN is pleased to have lately assisted almost four million people. Numerous victims of sexual violence have received help, resources, and education thanks to its numerous initiatives. It is devoted to pursuing its goal and assisting even more people in the future.

Through the leadership of Scott Berkowitz, the addition of Jamila Sykes to the board, and their many initiatives, RAINN is making great strides in their mission to end sexual violence. The organization is hopeful that with the new board member and the support of the PRIVATE Act, they will be able to continue to help survivors of sexual violence and create a world free of sexual violence.

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  Vijay Eswaran- The Characteristic of a Leader

Vijay Eswaran is a leader helping others to be the best in their department. Vijay Eswaran noted that leadership is not only a title, and you never be appointed a leader even if your business card says it; leadership has to be earned. Vijay mentioned that certain people could inspire others. Steve Jobs noted that leadership is about changing the lives of others to do things they have never done. Vijay has mentioned several leaders in the country, including Dr. Martin Luther King, and humanitarian Mahatma Gandhi, among many others. These leaders have been an inspiration to the world. Vijay Eswaran has listed the characteristics of a leader as listed below.

Leaders Care: the trademark of a great leader is the care and concern they give to the people around them. Showing sympathy towards others is about characteristics that others can feel and hear when they are with you. Caring leaders are known for their honest attention to others. A good leader always works to better the lives of others.

Leaders are Purpose Driven: a leader is well-defined by a resolution more significant than themselves. When that purpose serves a good purpose, that shows that the leader is the greatest. A leader is someone who has a sense that goes beyond that.

Leaders Take Ownership: most people settle well in the responsibilities they were born with. Then some stand out for interesting rank quo, looking to better themselves and the situation in which they are—the ones who declined to take the cards they were distributed with and sought to alter the game. Real leaders take possession of their lives; they do not let others take part in their lives or any circumstance to change who they are.

Leaders Empower: According to experts, every human race has a sense of belonging; they have the desire to belong to specific culture, class, and community.

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 Hassan Jameel is Reinventing the Family Owned Business

Hassan Jameel's profile pic
ALJ Representative Hassan Jameel

Hassan Jameel is working to reinvent the family-owned business Abdul Latif Jameel (ALJ), which has thrived for over 75 years and today boasts a strong presence across 30 countries. As Deputy President and Vice Chairman of ALJ, Hassan Jameel is transforming the company through digitization strategies to prepare it for the digital age. He believes that data is “the new gold” and has driven an initiative throughout ALJ to leverage this data to improve customer service, solve problems from financial, legal, and operational standpoints, develop a data-centric culture, and save costs.

To reach this goal, ALJ has been developing platforms such as a business-to-business (B2B) platform for its vehicle parts, which utilizes machine learning technology to forecast fluctuations in their inventory and allow them to plan better using the data they have collated over many years. The company plans to launch a similar platform for consumers soon. To facilitate this process further, ALJ is expanding its software/data engineering teams, which can effectively read and utilize their data stores.

His efforts align with the Prophecies of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman: under Vision 2030, he has made technological developments a key part of the nation’s economic plan – harnessing emerging technologies that will enable Saudi Arabia to reduce its reliance on hydrocarbons. Hassan Jameel and his team at ALJ are dedicated to ensuring that they can continuously adapt their agendas and refine them based upon market trends, embracing digitization strategies in all areas of their business, such as customer service departments that require huge levels of interpretation.

Throughout his career at ALJ, he has been deeply inspired by Japanese leadership philosophies, which support his aim of providing high-quality services/products with great value added via transformative technology usage so that customers cannot live without it. Throughout his reforms due to the COVID-19 pandemic – where digitization strategies needed to accelerate exponentially – there have been numerous successes in penetrating different dimensions by leveraging optimized technology solutions from machine learning through artificial intelligence. Source:

Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Explains How His Difficulties Encourage Advancement

Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is an enterprising businessman with successful investments in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Ridesharing, Electricity, and the ever-changing post-COVID labor market. After toiling on these investments and building projects in Venezuela, he set his energy-to-energy markets. In a brief period, more than 70,000 dwellings could attach to more than 11 power stations around the nation. The development venture likewise hired many people.

One campaign that caught his eye and profited from his proficiency was Hawkers, a collection of top-quality yet affordable sunglasses. A partnership called Hawkers was created by four Spanish college students who bought $300 worth of poor-quality shades in America and sold them through local classified pages.

Hawkers had an inexpensive point still looked like the costly ones. People wanted them, but the scholars needed the business foundation to develop the large process scale. The organization braved monetary troubles too, and they understood they necessitated capital to expand.

Over three years, it yielded 2 million units and made 70 million Euros in revenue; sales & benefits dualized next year. Another round of funding secured more funds to increase its growth even further. Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez invented creative strategies to get Hawkers into celebrity wards and additional influencers.

For modern few years, Alejandro Betancourt has been intrigued by carpooling, which authorizes everyone to drive everyone else all over — generate income while at it. Enterprises like Uber & Lyft have generally challenged taxis, shuttles & majority of other firms owning fleets of cars requiring garages & upkeep.

Though Spain has constrained rules against this sort of ride-share operation, he encountered dissimilar means of bringing this technology here, not being extremely disruptive. An outfit called Auro Travel was formed wherein maximum employment permits are clamped off, avoiding intensive competition plus conceivably traffic jams.

In conclusion, Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a successful entrepreneur who has used his challenges to drive innovation in various industries. He has used his business acumen and creative strategies to create successful investments and projects that have benefited many people. His work in the energy markets, Hawkers, and Auro Travel are examples of how he has used his challenges to drive.

Zaxby Appoints Bernard Acoca as New CEO: A New Era of Growth and Success

In a significant move for the fast-casual restaurant industry, Zaxby’s has announced the appointment of Bernard Acoca as its new Chief Executive Officer. The appointment comes as the current CEO and Co-Founder, Zach McLeroy, transitions to the position of Chairman of the Board.

Bernard Acoca brings with him a wealth of experience in the restaurant industry, having held various leadership positions at Starbucks for over two decades. During his time at Starbucks, he was responsible for overseeing the company’s operations in the United States and Canada, as well as its licensed store business and consumer packaged goods division.

At Zaxby’s, Acoca will be responsible for driving the company’s growth and success, building on the strong foundation laid by Zach McLeroy and his team. In a statement announcing the appointment, Zach McLeroy praised Acoca’s leadership skills and experience, calling him the “ideal person to lead Zaxby’s into the future.”

Since its founding in 1990, Zaxby’s has become a beloved brand in the fast-casual industry, known for its delicious chicken fingers, wings, and salads. With Acoca at the helm, the company is poised for even greater success, as it continues to expand its footprint across the country and deliver the best possible dining experience to its customers.

In his new role as Zaxby’s CEO, Bernard Acoca is committed to building on the company’s culture of excellence, and to fostering a sense of community among its employees and customers alike. He has already outlined his priorities for the company, which include driving sales growth, improving operational efficiency, and investing in technology and innovation.

For Zaxby’s, the appointment of Acoca as CEO represents a new era of growth and success and a commitment to delivering the best possible dining experience to its customers. With his deep experience in the restaurant industry and his proven track record of success, Acoca is the ideal person to lead Zaxby’s into the future and to continue the company’s tradition of excellence in the years to come. Click here for more information.


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Zaxby Announces CEO Transition To Bernard Acoca


Zaxby’s, the beloved premium Chicken QSR founded in Athens, Ga., announced today that CEO and Co-Founder Zach McLeroy would transition to company chairman effective January 2022. Bernard Acoca has been appointed as the company’s new chief executive officer. This news marks an important milestone in Zaxby’s history: Acoca is the first external CEO ever to lead the company since its founding in 1990.

The Transition

The Zaxby’s CEO, Bernard Acoca brings more than 20 years of experience as a marketer and executive within the restaurant industry.

He most recently served as president of Burger King North America, responsible for driving U.S. business performance through comprehensive commercial strategies and leading a high-performing team of over 6,000 members across North America.

Before his time at Burger King Corporation, he held senior leadership roles at Yum! Brands overseeing KFC U.S., Pizza Hut U.S., Taco Bell International, and Pizza Hut International divisions.

McLeroy will continue to be an integral part of Zaxby’s team, transitioning from the Zaxby’s CEO to chairman while actively guiding and supporting the brand’s growth strategy with his extensive business knowledge and commitment to its culture. His passion for creating delicious food experiences for guests will remain a priority even as he transitions into this new role; McLeroy is also expected to focus on developing deeper relationships with existing franchisees and recruiting new ones into the system.


The appointment of Bernard Acoca as CEO marks a critical moment for Zaxby’s CEO and its founder, Zach McLeroy. This transition signifies a bright future for the brand while honoring its past successes under McLeroy’s leadership.

With two decades of experience leading some of the nation’s top restaurant concepts under his belt, Acoca is well-prepared to drive Zaxby’s growth forward while ensuring that McLeroy’s legacy is upheld as a guiding principle throughout his tenure as chairman. We are excited to see what this next chapter holds for Zaxby’s! See this article for more information.


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